New Horizon International Youth Festival of Short Cinema and Animation is a non-commercial event, held annually in Voronezh. It is a movie (cartoon) contest among young authors. The festival made to rebirth, save and develop our national film-making traditions.

The aims of the festival: Identification and promotion of young talented authors’ films , development of cultural exchange between the participants of the festival, formation of the youth positive emotions and true values, attention arresting on cinema.

During the festival there are some workshops from the professional actors, cinema-makers and other people who are realted to the world of cinema.

There are live screening sessions during the festival and also during the whole year long.

The winners are awarded with diplomas, film festival’s cups, certificates of cinema schools and valuable gifts.
There is a chance for perticipants to win an internship in Wizart Аnimation Company.

The festival is open to all authors (co-authors) of films, documentaries (including social videos), music (music videos) and animation films in the format of video viewing format set by this statement. The age of participants should be not less than 12 and not more than 35 years old.

To participate in the festival it's necessary to fill the APPLICATION FORM on our web-site

Duration of the films should be NO MORE than 30 minutes. Participant who has sent his/her film to the festival should have all the rights to this film. The film should be provided with RUSSIAN SUBTITLES.

According to the Federal law from 22nd August 1996 №126-FL “About state support of cinema-making in Russian Federation” film you’ve sent should be with the copy of distribution certificate which give us the right to translate this film in cinema screen. In case of absence of the copy this film wouldn’t be translated in cinema, but it won’t be excluded from the contest program.