New Harvest Film Festival is a festival dedicated to the development of young and independent filmmaking in Russia. We are looking for new authors from all over the world and do our best to let their movies meet a large Russian audience. For some of the films we propose further producer promotion.

New Harvest Film Festival takes place in a beautiful open-air park of Moscow - Sad Baumana Park at the end of summer. The program of the Festival includes International Contest apart from the National one. Live screenings last for 3 full days followed by an Official Award Ceremony at the end of the third day. In 2019 about 70 films have been screened at the Festival.

Besides the Main Event and its official dates, New Harvest also carries out thematical indoor screenings during the year (with some of Selected and Semi-Finalist films) and organizes separate Events, such as Moscow Film Party:

The Main competition of the Festival covers short films up to 30 minutes (both live-action and documentary). Besides there is also Online-Contest for the categories not presented in the main competition where one can submit his Feature or Documentary full-length film / Experimental film / Music video / Public service announcement / Commercial video / TV or Web-series / Film trailer and even Poster. For each category the winners are defined.

Live Screenings are guaranteed for short film category up to 30 mins. The screenings of other categories are optional. They may happen separately from the main Event or can be a part of Online contest and Official Live Award Ceremony.

For the Main competition (short films up to 30 minutes) the following Awards are provided:

- Best short film - International Contest
- Best short documentary - International Contest
- Best animation - International Contest

National Contest. Short films:

- Best short film - Grand-prix
- Best Screenplay
- Best Photography
- Best Genre Movie
- Best Sound Design
- Best Production Design
- Best CG
- Best Actor (male)
- Best Actress (female)
- Best Second plan role: supporting actor
- Best Acting ensemble
- The Choice of the Organizers
- Audience choice awards (are determined by audience voting after each block of films).

All winners receive green glass crystal trophies.

For Online Competition:

- Best Feature Film
- Best Documentary Film
- Best Experimental film
- Best TV or Web-series (pilot)
- Best Public service announcement
- Best Music video
- Best Commercial video
- Best Trailer/Teaser
- Best Poster or Photo.

Honorable mention for "Best human rights film", "Best eco film", "Best war film", "Best film for children", etc. may be declared at the discretion of juries and basing on the current makeup of the competition.

Contest 2020.

The Main competition of the festival with Live Screenings is devoted to short films up to 30 minutes. Longer films take part in Online Contest.

- National Contest consists of short films in Russian.

- Internatinal Contest consists of short films (live-action, documentary and animation) from all over the world with English subtitles (if necessary).

Further Requirements:

- By submitting a project all participants confirm their rights reserved.
- All non-Russian films containing foreign language elements should have English subtitles or at least be in English.
- No production date limits.
- No premiere status required.

Overall Rating
  • Спасибо за шанс быть увиденными на вашем фестивале!

    May 2021
  • Timur Ramazanov

    Very kind and interesting format

    February 2021
  • Через 1-2 года этот кинофестиваль станет самым лучшим в Москве, потому что отбор фильмов здесь проводится очень качественно и въедливо, с уважением к зрителю и его психическому здоровью, а также с учетом интересов именно зрителя! Тот, кто побывал на "Новом Урожае 2019", "Новом Урожае 2020", а потом попал на "27 Святую Анну" или случайно видел фильмы, представляемые на ВГИКовских фестивалях, поймёт, что я имею в виду под словами "качественно", "въедливо", "уважение к зрителю" и "психическое здоровье".
    Мою позицию подтверждает количество остающихся до конца показа зрителей на "Новом Урожае" (в прошлом и этом году), а также количество зрителей, массово покидающих зрительный зал на "Святой Анне" (в прошлом и этом году).

    October 2020
  • yulian rachev

    Great communication. Thank you for choosing "A Moment of Love" as a part of the festival.

    November 2019
  • Joe Chang

    It is a charming film festival and I love it very much!!

    November 2019