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UA: M.Z. - Forbidden place

M.Z. - Forbidden place.
The eternal struggle between Good and Evil. The salvation of the Earth and humanity. These are the issues that agitate the minds of many of us. But what is Good and Evil? Everything in this world is relative: there is nothing worse or better, and it took a while before "For" and "Against" became separated. The ancient spirit - M.Z., Black Tiger had to step out of the shadow to put up a fight and save the Earth and the mankind, because people had to be the "tool" in his hands helping to prevent the inevitable end of the world. Black Tiger could not do without their help... Tiger considered it his mission to safeguard the Earth struggling with the forces that seek to disharmonize and upset the established balance. The struggle went on for thousands of years with mixed success, until one day there has been a dawning realization that the Earth was inevitably drawing to an end, that something terrible would destroy it. Plagued by nightmares of the dying Earth, Tiger realized that the doom’s day was actually nearing, but could not accept it. Having overcome the internal struggle, the Immortal spirit split, and there appeared White Tiger with black stripes and Black Tiger with white stripes - M.Z. White Tiger had no doubt that people were to blame for all the troubles, and it would be them who might kill the Earth. To avert the inevitable danger, it was necessary to destroy the best of a bad lot, the humanity. However, Black Tiger had an opposite opinion on this respect; he did not want the people to die and sincerely believed that with their help he would be able to save the world. After the struggle and disputes that lasted for centuries, M.Z. managed to convince White Tiger that it was not so black and white, the people were not to blame, and there had to be another rock on which they split. Tired of the struggle, White Tiger agreed to abandon the field, promising to return and finish the battle when Black Tiger understood that the struggle for the mankind was useless. The Supreme Keepers and the Dragon, the Chief Guardian of the Earth, permitted M.Z. to assume a human appearance to find out the cause of the impending catastrophe from within, and also to find like-minded people who were ready to become one team to save the Earth. Black Tiger strongly believed that the problem would be resolved only hand in hand. The squad was put together, but the people needed hard training to perform new difficult tasks, and it took time to prepare the scheme of an action and to carry out the plan. The M.Z.’s team-mates converge, becoming the organic whole in thought and action, they became like family for Black Tiger. Not knowing each other, living their own lives, each member of the team was obsessed with the same idea. None of the rescue squad knew M.Z. by sight: they just saw his shiny red eyes from under the black magic helmet. None of the people knew if he was even a human. Despite the antagonism with the Movers and Shakers and the fact that White Tiger washed his hands off and refused to save the humanity, Black Tiger did not give up his most precious - the Earth.

  • Milad Farahi
    author, writer
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    M.Z. - Заборонене місце
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script, Stage Play, Other
  • Genres:
    fantasy, fantastic
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  • Language:
    English, Ukrainian
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Writer - Milad Farahi