New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival is an annual celebration of film, with free screenings at venues across this culturally rich area of south east London. Our next festival is 21st-30th April 2017. The festival is completely free and run by volunteers.

This year, along with up to 30 other events, we are hosting a 'European Shorts' programme of short films. This will showcase films from different countries across Europe at a screening in Deptford. Selected films may also be screened ahead of features at other events in the festival.

The festival is 100% free and we charge no submission costs to filmmakers. Any type of film, music video, documentary, or animation is welcome as long as they observe the following criteria:

1. Films must have been made in Europe. This refers to the broadest geographical definition; this does not mean the European Union, European Economic Area, or the eurozone.

2. Films must be under 10 minutes including credits.

3. Films can be in any language, but any dialogue not in English must include English subtitles (unless this is a deliberate creative choice, in which case please make this clear in your submission).

4. Submitters must not breach copyright or have used any material without necessary rights and permission.