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Neverwood follows Aaron Ember, Cadence Cairne, and Veranda Vines; Three friends as they traverse the dark and lucrative underwood of Los Angeles’s after hours/ speakeasy scenes, creating a movement set to challenge Hollywoods old guard-elite and clandestine societies.

Based on true events, the story travels to the past and intertwines with the present, revealing an undetermined future, in turn exposing Aaron, Cadence, and Veranda’s troubled personal histories, and origins of their motives.
Never give up. Never grow up.

In the present, Aaron and Cadences Los Angeles speakeasy has been raided by Rampart Vice Squad (LAPD). Meanwhile Abel is in hot water with the Cartels and the Feds. In the past, Aaron begins to realize his bandmates and friends are anything but, while Veranda begins to realize her career might be getting in the way of her drug habits, and Cadence gets a part on a kids show which may be a front for something sinister.

  • Chandler Bolt
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    Television Script
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    drama, musical, noir, true crime, hollywood, Los Angeles
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    United States
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Writer - Chandler Bolt