Neurology on Wheels

Name: Dr. Bindu Menon

Organization: Dr. Bindu Menon Foundation

Project Name: Neurology on Wheels.

India is undergoing a transition with increasing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCD). Neurological disorders like stroke, epilepsy and dementia are the major contributors to the global burden of disease. The population of my country is 1,35,2,835,54 as of June based on United Nations estimate. Indian population is 17.74% of total world population ranking second in the list of countries. Estimated urban distribution of 32% and rural distribution is 69%.
1in 4 Indians risk dying from an NCD before they reach the age of 70. Currently, the stroke incidence in India is much higher than western industrialized countries. Public awareness is an important aspect in the prevention of stroke, which remains an important option in the Indian scenario. The prevalence of Neurological disorders (more in rural areas) in India ranges from 967 - 4070 with a mean of 2394 patients for 1,00,000.
The 6-8 million persons with epilepsy and 27-42% of stroke fatalities call for an urgent need to cater to rural area Neurology services.
My Nellore district where I stay has 11 Neurologist for a population of 6 lacs. In literal terms it means that a single neurologist caters to the medical needs of more than 50,000 population.
'NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS' a first time rural oriented project in India (Nellore;Andhra Pradesh) has been started by Dr. Bindu Menon Foundation. Resource poor villages are identified from the 46 mandals. The village head and Government accredited health workers are primed to intimate the patients about the camp.
The motto followed is WE REACH, WE TEACH AND WE TREAT. After reaching (REACH) the village, the awareness programme (TEACH) for epilepsy is held. Later free medical camp (TREAT) where screening/detection of epilepsy and other neurological disorders are done with free distribution of medicines.
We have completed 27 villages, educated above 10000 people and identified more than 220 new cases of hypertension, more than 60 cases of diabetes, more than 50 cases of drug naïve stroke and more than 40 cases of drug naïve patients with epilepsy.
Here we were able to do primary as well as secondary prevention.

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Director Biography - bindu menon

Professor Bindu Menon is a Neurologist, a teacher par excellence; a caring dedicated doctor and a Medical activist. She has committed her life to Prevention (Primordial, primary, secondary and Tertiary) of two most important neurological non-communicable diseases; Stroke And Epilepsy through community outreach programmes since the last one decade.
Prof Menon’s has inculcated the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting human health. She has been instrumental in starting 3 innovative projects for the FIRST TIME IN THE COUNTRY, 1) A novel rural project “NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS” , a rural outreach programme. 2) Mobile Application; epilepsy app “EPILEPSY HELP” for epilepsy patients. 3) TELE AWARENESS PROGRAMME for Epilepsy and Stroke. She is also providing free treatment for about 300 stroke and epilepsy patients with monthly medicines since last 2013. She has completed 71 camps as on November 2019. Prof Menon also started the Parkinson Disease Movement disorder Society Nellore. Has completed 75 sessions as on November. The society improves care and treatment of people living with Parkinson’s disease. She has adopted orphanage Pragati charity children with epilepsy. She has published several educational materials, books, pamphlets and comics in epilepsy.

Prof. Bindu Menon. M.D. (Med.), D.M. (Neuro), DNB. (Neuro), PGDCN (Neuro),(London),
FRCP (Edinburgh), MNAMS, FICP,FIAN is the Head of Department and Senior Consultant
Neurologist, Apollo Hospitals. She has a teaching experience of 17 years. She founded

The foundation conducts awareness programmes in schools, college and social organizations since 2008 and has completed 120 such programmes till now. These programmes have educated more than 25000 people about Stroke and Epilepsy.
A novel project 'NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS' which is first time in the country has been started by the foundation. The 'NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS' is a rural oriented project. The team of the foundation visits the interior villages. The village head is intimated about the camp in advance. The motto followed the foundation is WE REACH, WE TEACH AND WE TREAT. After reaching the village awareness programme is held for all the people attending the camp. The talk is tailored to stroke and epilepsy where recognition of diseases and compliance of medicines is emphasized.
Later free medical camp is held where screening and detection of Epilepsy, stroke and other neurological disorders is done. Patients are distributed medicines. Drug naïve stroke and epilepsy patients who are below poverty line are incorporated into the foundation for their free medicines.
'NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS' camps are conducted at remote resource poor areas. Screening of patients is done for hypertension, diabetes, stroke and epilepsy. The “NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS” has educated more than 12000 people from the villages about stroke prevention, recognition and golden window period for stroke treatment, educated them about the myths, facts, first aid and treatment for epilepsy. The NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS has screened more than 10,000 patients with detection of new cases of hypertension (220), Diabetes (50), Stroke (93), Epilepsy (65).
The foundation started Free monthly camps which inludes consulation, medicines, blood tests and physiotherapy to patients with epilepsy and stroke. The foundation has completed 71 camps and has adopted more than 300 patients with epilepsy and stroke below poverty line.
Launched mobile application for epilepsy patient’s epilepsy app; first time in the country. It can be downloaded in android phone play store by typing “ EPILEPSY HELP”. This is a free download in 3 languages; English, Hindi, Telugu. This epilepsy app is a great help for the patients.
A novel awareness initiative for epilepsy, stroke and migraine has been launched by the foundation Tele Awareness Programme. A toll free number 18001020237 can be dialed and important information can be listened. This initiative is first time in the country for health awareness.
Prof Menon’s Publications And Activities can be assessed on the Website-
She has been a recepient of 34 international and national awards for epilepsy and stroke care which includes the prestigious International league against Epilepsy (ILAE) Leadership Program Award at Barcelona, 2017,WORLD STROKE DAY AWARD under Individual Achievement category from the World Stroke organization April 2018 at Montreal, "H. C. Bajoria oration” award form Indian Epilepsy Association and Indian Epilepsy Society, SAKSHI EXCELENCE AWARD IN HEALTHCARE”, appointed as representative of the WHO South East Asia Region; Professor Menon is a member as Stroke support organization.

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