This show is about a diverse national adult nonbinary (a.k.a. enby) support club in which characters experience adventures throughout the country and the world, their homes being scattered throughout the U.S.

  • Woo Ae Yi
    Something About Roxy
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    Television Script
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    Drama, Dark Comedy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Woo Ae Yi

Woo Ae Yi, formerly Ame Ai, is a screenwriter, playwright, author, poet, lyricist, and unofficial anthropologist. Both "Woo Ae" and "Ame Ai" translate to "rain love," and Yi believes that, just as rain falls on everyone, that everyone deserves to be loved. With a prolific library of thirteen titles (including this one), Yi has written on the topic of adoption, race, culture, romance and sex, spirituality, and prison since 2008 through various mediums. Yi has been publishing creative and nonfiction works only somewhat longer than she has enjoyed membership in Toastmasters International. In the future, Yi plans to write more about Korean (and/or Asian) adoptees, prison, her personal experiences as a part of the LGBTQ* community, and paranormal topics. Yi has been happily married for two years and enjoys watching animé and musicals, and listening to K-pop and The Beatles.

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Writer Statement

Nenby is a drama/comedy about a diverse adult nonbinary (a.k.a. enby) support club that opens its club up to national membership. Afterward, the antics and challenges of members increases and includes adoptee trauma. The cast is diverse racially and by gender, sexual orientation, age, and disability. We're shooting in South Korea for the pilot episode. Let me know if you'd like to see the script.

Woo Ae Yi