"Dinner And Movie Nights Film Festival"

Calling All Filmmakers to submit (new and previous projects) to our Dinner and A Movie Night Series. This Season - the Audience's Vote Counts!

NY International Arts Festival Celebrates the Indie Filmmaker, Actor & Actress from all Genres and Categories with our creatively themed Film Festivals.

Tis The Season where the Audience's Vote Counts. Each night, the Audience will join the Judges in Voting for their Fav Movie and that Winner will receive a Trophy. What an exciting opportunity for Filmmakers to watch along with the audience and also vote for their favorite movie!

The Festival will run from just after Thanksgiving through to the week before Christmas from Noon to 6pm, many Selections will be Screened over the 4 Weeks.

Don't wait too long, It's Time To Submit Your: DRAMA, ACTION, COMEDY, HORROR, SCI FI, MYSTERY, ROMANCE, ANIMATION, SERIES EPISODE, MUSIC, DANCE, POETRY VIDEO OR STAND-UP COMEDY ROUTINE to ensure that attendees will be able to enjoy and vote for your Project while eating Popcorn, Dinner, Dessert & Beverages from local Chefs.

This is that fun opportunity that you've been waiting for - bring your Cast, Crew, Friends and Followers to enjoy and network with other Indie Filmmakers, new Audience Members and Industry Professionals.

A Local Favorite, the NY International Arts Festival is partnering with Queens Underground to bring more Excitement, Fun and Innovation to the Film Festival World.

Why? Because You're a Filmmaker with Talent, Dreams and Determination and we are the Platform to Screen Your Work whether filmed with professional camera's or cell phones.

Scheduled for Saturdays, Noon to 6pm beginning in November (after Thanksgiving) through Xmas 2022.

Accepting Shorts, Videos and Full Length Features.

Submissions Open through October.

Food and Merchandise Vendors will be on-site.

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1. Best Movie for the Night *(Selected by Audience and Judges)
2. Best Movie Of The Season *(Selected by Judges only)


Please read and re-read all of the Rules and Terms.

NYIAF.com and QueensUnderground718.com for more info, trailers, merchandise, discounts and Red Carpet Interviews.

**Selectees will be notified Early**

Only 1 Coupon per submission and Coupons cannot be used with Gold Fees.

-Downloadable Files (mp4 or mov) Only
-Movie Posters Must Have A Title
-Trailers are highly recommended and must be downloadable
-Full project Description required
-Include at least one social media account
-Follow and engage with us on IG @Queens_Underground_Film_Fest & @NYInternationalArtsFest
-Promote when you're Officially Selected
-Add the Laurel to your Movie Poster and email to us

1. Always check your Junk Mail, Social and Promotional Folders to make sure that you are receiving our emails via Film Freeway.

2. All deadlines and other requirements must be met. No exceptions. Not adhering to deadlines will affect whether or not your project is screened at the Festival and/or online. All projects must have be in mp4 or mov file format.

We do not stream from any other platforms.
We are a mobile and often, outdoor festival and non-reliant on wifi.

3. You may always start your page to take advantage of early bird fees and then complete the uploads at a later date, but before the last deadline.

4. GOLD DISCOUNTS: You may only use one (1) Discount Code Per Entry. If you are a Gold Member, you may not use more than One (1) discount code per made.

5. Quality Of Projects: No worries, we do not expect everyone to have access to "movie quality" cameras. Consumer cameras and cell phones may be used to film - for this film festival -the focus is on the story and creativity. However, we do expect quality submissions. All of the other requirements must still be met.

6. Submitters are expected to actively and consistently promote their projects on a weekly basis to encourage attendance to see your project on the Big Screen. This is especially important during the month of the Festival. This is a REQUIREMENT, along with TAGGING @FilmFestivalsQueensUnderground and @NYInternationalArtsFestival.

GET CREATIVE with your Trailer!

Trailers and Movie Posters generate Excitement!

-Please meet the deadlines.
-Ensure that your Project and Trailer is downloadable. We cannot stream from other --Platforms for the In-Person nor from our own Virtual Platform.
-Movie Poster must have a Title and be of standard Movie Poster or Flyer size.
-Do Not Send Files via email
-Check your junk, social and promotion email tabs for the group emails sent via Film Freeway.

9. PLEASE NOTE: If the audio is not English, accurate subtitling in English must be included for all characters and sounds.

10. Filmmakers may submit several movies, videos, or commercials per category and/or submit works for 1, 2, or 3 or more categories - each submission requires a separate registration and fee.

11. **You understand and agree that your work is original and not copy written by any other individual or group. Your work may include whole or part of any works that are classified as Public Domain in the United States Of America.

12. By submitting your film, video, small business commercial, photo’s, short bio and synopsis (required) you are giving us full permission to use any or all of the materials to promote, advertise, market, and screen publicly Before, During and After the Festival or any or all of our media platforms.

13. Submissions may not contain any or suggest any content that is violent, racist, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, hateful, sexual, culturally, or ethnically offensive in any way.

14. Projects or posters submitted with cursing which is not considered within context of the project. will not be Screened at the Film Festival.

15. Projects with adult content may be shown towards the end of the Festival and/or Virtually only.

16. The NY International Arts Festival and Queens Underground 718 reserve the right, to remove or delete your submission without notice and without limitations where any instances of non-compliance have occurred.

17. As with all festivals, entry does not guarantee acceptance or screening into the film festival, nor does it guarantee Screening if the requirements have not been met. Refunds nor credit are issued.

18. You will be able to determine the approximate time of your screening based on the start time. For non-US time zones, you will have access to the Festival link for 24 hours for each day.

19. Student Discount: Student must be enrolled in a film, video or production program or completed a program within the last 6 months. Proof may be required and will have to be submitted by the requested deadline. All other requirements must be met by deadlines.

20. You agree and understand that you are expected to promote and tag the @NYInternationalArtsFestival and @Queens_Underground_Film_Fest once you receive notice that your project has been accepted.

21. With your submission you are hereby agreeing to indemnify and hold completely harmless the NY International Arts Festival, Queens Underground 718 International Film Festival, Queens Center Of The Arts, its management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, partners, affiliates, staff and volunteers, etc. from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and all court costs/fees) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of, or damage to, the screening videos entered. You understand that submitting does not guarantee screening. You understand and agree that refunds are not issued. You understand and agree to meet the requirements and deadlines.

22. You will also be notified of any changes for dates, prices and policies - please make sure that you are receiving and checking junk and social email folders for notices.

23. If you do not read or speak English - you are responsible to find and utilize a translator or translation App. All communication with the Festival Team must be in English. Queens Underground does not accept responsibility for any Non-English miscommunications.

24. Translations for your submissions must be accurate and exact. Any entry with misrepresented subtitles will be removed immediately.

25. ***Entry fees and ticket purchases and other fees are non-refundable. Cash prizes, if any, will be sent in US dollars and only transferred through standard online business Apps.

Email: NYIAFestival@gmail.com or Queensunderground718@gmail.com

Overall Rating
  • Alvaro Franco

    Thankful for the opportunity to screen at such a unique venue, and the organizers were very helpful and accommodating!

    November 2021
  • Such a great festival! Thank you again for this opportunity!

    November 2021
  • It was great being "selected" and nice festival. Wish we would have won, lol but good to know local film fests are going full steam ahead. :)

    November 2021
  • An awesome event spent networking with wonderful creatives and talents. This film festival prevailed through all of what COVID imposed and made to be felt as impossible! Head bowed to Ms. Adrienne Whaley for her due diligence. Thank you for having me! Blessings

    August 2021
  • Andrew Walker

    Seriously consider submitting to NYIAF, Queens Underground treated my project like it was the only one they were hosting.

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your kind words Andrew! We're pleased that you that you took the time to submit and that how much we care came across!