For 20 years, the Northern Virginia Jewish Film Festival has been celebrating the scope of Jewish life, culture, and identity on the big screen. We share the unparalleled power of films; to entertain, to inspire, to change minds, to connect hearts, and to bring the diverse Jewish experience to life!

All submissions must:
- Highlight an aspect of Jewish life, culture, identity, and/or history
- Be of high production value
- Have been made in 2018 or later, must be completed by August 2020.
- English language or English subtitles

Not all submissions will be accepted. Festival Committee makes the choices, and Festival Staff will notify selected filmmakers by August, 2020.

- Submissions should be online screeners shared via Vimeo or similar
- Films selected should be provided on DCP (shorts on DCP/BluRay)

- Films that have been screened in Northern Virginia, aired on television in the United States, or available online/VOD are not eligible, nor are films previously submitted for consideration to our festival

- With permission, fees for local filmmakers will be waived