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A true story based on the humorous bittersweet life of a talented singer. Born into a poor but solid family unit, his early years were driven by his determination to be ‘the best on the block’. He was a natural ‘Busker’ with a unique sense of humor that kept him way ahead of his peers. This romantic and comical slice of life drama takes a vivid poignant look at the heartbreaking life of a young singer, who vehemently rejects his medically presumed destiny of never being able to walk again. His rise to fame starts as a nightclub singer playing in more than dubious ‘Dine a Dance’ venues, with a constant backdrop of musicians and ‘off the wall’ creative folk. Lady luck pays him a call and as a hired help saves the lives of 15 students in a bus accident, on the mountain pass. Now a hero and because of his tenacity and extraordinary talent, he is noticed and headhunted by a leading radio station. His fame had arrived, life was easier and it culminated in a starry-eyed meeting at a bus stop in the city. He meets the love of his life, a stunning fashion model and business entrepreneur immensely committed to the preservation of the worlds Gorilla Primates. Weeks later they marry and spiral into euphoria, but his beautiful wife holds a spine chilling secret, that she does not divulge to him until it is too late!

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    South Africa
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