Everything Night Shorts is a both virtual and in person (very limited capacity due to COVID-19) film screening hosted by NO LONGER NETWORK. As always the virtual screening will take place on our website and the physical screening in a small screening room in Hollywood. All selected films will be awarded a laurel and added to our official lineup. The virtual screening will have a live chat, trivia, discussion prompts, and other fun activities.

Everything Night Shorts is an exciting opportunity to showcase your film in front of two live audiences!

If your film is an Official Selection, it’ll be screened at both our live and virtual events.

We accept any films or music videos under 26 minutes with main theme being... Everything. That's right! It's summer time, which means we want to be free of any genre or aesthetic limitation. Everything goes! Do you have a 15 second ultra short sketch you've made 20 years ago? Submit! Perhaps you've made a music video that just premiered. We want to see it! You have a 20 minute drama short film about the relationship of two people that have broken up and are trying to find closure over the death of the cat they've adopted together, but she didn't tell him that the cat passed 2 months ago and now he's understandably a little bit peeved? Send it in!

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  • Peter Dorn Ravlin

    Thank you for picking up Mirror Shadows

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for screening it with us! It was a pleasure to see your work and share it with our audience!