New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival!
It's New Jersey's first true Independent Horror Film Festival!
We will host a number of amazing film premieres and screenings. Some films will be presented with introductions by the filmmakers. New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival will be at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin, NJ. We had special guests in the past such as John Waters, Michael Berryman, Lynn Lowry, Lloyd Kaufman, Crispin Glover, Adam Green, Kevin Tenney and more!!! Who will come this year????

Our mission is to inspire and promote talented New Jersey and the Tri-state area independant filmmakers & artists. The New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival provides opportunities for you to mingle with celebrities, networking, exhibition, and screenings. We provide a unique experience for the public to experience films often with the filmmakers available to answer questions and share experiences with the audiences.

NJHCAFF was created by filmmaker Ryan Scott Weber and Producer and pop cultures Rob Bruce to support independent film and filmmakers in the independent community. The film festival is surrounded by a convention atmosphere with celebrates and vendors to create a perfect networking and movie fan and filmmakers event.

One of the festivals creators, Ryan Scott Weber has worked as director, writer, producer, actor, cinematographer and editor on 4 feature films, Mary Horror, Sheriff Tom VS. The Zombies, Witches Blood and his more recent Pretty Fine Things (best actor at Horror Hound Film Festival) and also his TV series 'ZOMBIES INCORPORATED' which is in its 4th season.

Rob Bruce who is also one of the festivals creators is also very well accomplished. He is known for being consulting producer and on -air "Expert" at AMC's "Comic Book Men". Comic Book Men is in its 6th season. He also has a role in Comic Book Men as well as other films Burn in Hell and Shooting Clerks. With more than 25+ years experience in the Collectible Pop Culture world Rob Bruce is the perfect person to create something like the New Jersey Horror Film Festival with Ryan Scott Weber.

For the 2017 event, the festival is calling for: Feature films, shorts, that have dark or horror or Sci-fi themes. We also hope local New Jersey filmmakers submit. Winning films will be chosen by a jury of leading film and media professionals:

Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor Performance, Best Actress Performance, Best Short Film, Best New Jersey Film, Best New Jersey Short, Best Cinematographer, Best Editing, Best Screenplay (for film), Audience Award, more TBA.

We require films initially be submitted via FilmFreeway but also online screeners, i.e. private Youtube or Vimeo links work as well. We do not accept physical preview copies (i.e. DVDs).

In submitting your film or video to New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival you guarantee that you have all the relevant permissions, licenses and releases for your film or video to be screened in a public exhibition. You must have in your possession the permissions, licenses and releases for the submitted film or video's music, script, actors etc. Films must be completed in 2014 or later.

If your film is selected to screen at the festival, you must supply us with a copy of your film in one of the following formats: Blu-Ray, digital media file, DCP, or DVD.

While care will be taken, we are unable to guarantee the safety of your DVD, Blu-ray, hard drive, or film while in our possession, or in transit. If selected to screen at the festival, please do not send us a master copy, or your only copy of the film.

We do not pay for shipping of Blu-Ray, digital media file, DCP, or DVD. If selected to screen at the festival, filmmaker agrees to arrange for and pay for shipping of film or DCP to the festival in New Jersey.

Additional publicity materials (stills, posters etc.) are encouraged if your film is selected to screen at the festival (although not required).

Please select the most relevant category for your film. You may choose between:

1. Horror Feature Films: Any feature length film (45 to 140 minutes in duration) that deals with horror or sci-fi themes.

2. Horror Short Films: Any live action film (45 minutes or under in duration) that deals with horror or sci-fi themes. Your film can be narrative fiction, experimental, or even a documentary about horror or sci-fi.

3. Horror Music Videos

4. Horror Series Episode

A panel of judges, selected by the New Jersey Horror Con, will decide the winners of each of the above categories. The winners of each category will be announced at the festival's awards night. In all cases, the judges' decisions are final. Audience award is decided by audience vote.

Entrants whose films are chosen for screening at the festival will be notified by the notification date. Entrants whose films are selected will be given two free ticket to the screening of their film at New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival.

If you decide to attend the festival and require accommodation while in New Jersey we are able to recommend you stay at the Showboat Atlantic City, NJ, but unable to cover any costs that your travel or accommodation might incur.

By submitting to the festival you agree to abide by and commit to the following statement: "I authorize New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival to screen the film or video listed above, upon the film or video's acceptance in New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival. For the purpose of the screenings I authorize New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival to market the film or video in whatever manner they see fit. I acknowledge that New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival holds the screening rights of the above listed film or video for New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival. I confirm that all other rights remain the sole property of myself and/or my nominated production company. I hereby confirm that all material used in the production of the film or video is the original work of myself or my nominated production company, or is work for which I or my nominated production company have obtained with releases, including but not limited to actors, performances and the musical score. I guarantee that I have obtained all the necessary permissions, licenses and clearances to enter this film or video into New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival, and that the film and the screening of the film by New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival, does not infringe the moral and ethical rights including copyright of any third party. I understand that my submission is in no way a guarantee of acceptance into New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival, and that nobody representing New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival has guaranteed my acceptance into the festival prior to this submission. I have read and agree to the general rules, terms and conditions of The New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival. I have also read and agree to any specific rules relating to the category that I am entering my film, video."

The entrant agrees that he or she will never assert against Broken Graves 1 or New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival any claim or action based on plagiarism, infringement, confidential or fiduciary relationship, implied contract, idea theft, unfair competition or any other theory arising in connection with their submission to New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival, and the entrant understands that NJ HORROR CON accepts no liability of any kind for the unauthorized use of all or part of such submissions by any person. In this regard, the entrant hereby absolutely releases and forever discharges Atomic Kid Productions, New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival and its officers, employees, volunteers, judges, readers, affiliates, and associates, individually and collectively, of or from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, legal fees, expenses, debts, actions, and causes of action against Atomic Kid Productions or New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival of every kind whatsoever, now and in the future, in connection with the entrant's submission.

Overall Rating
  • It was a really pleasure to be part of this festival. Thanks a lot to the director Ryan Scott Weber and all the organization behin this Film Festival and thank you so much for this great attention and kindness.

    April 2018
  • John Law

    I loved this festival! Meeting other great artists and seeing their terrific films was my highlight. The crew that put this together knows how it’s done and I can’t thank them enough. Rock and roll baby!!!

    March 2018
  • Marti Davis

    Our Team from KillerBeam Entertainment and Blue Ribbon Productions had a blast seeing our short thriller 'KNIT' on your big screen - and we are super pleased to be the recipients of the Best NJ/NY Film Award, and for our lead actress, Leila Jean Davis to receive the Nomination for Best Actess!
    We enjoyed the entire exciting event and had a great time with the huge variety of vendors and extra mini-events going on throughout the weekend.
    We're looking forward to submitting our future horror-genre productions to NJ Horror Con & Film Festival. Thanks!

    March 2018
  • James Quinn

    Even though I couldn't make it to the fest, this seems like something I would really want to attend. It seems to have been greatly organized, promoting the filmmakers the best they could. The people I've heard back from who were there had nothing but beautiful things to say about it. Definitely a great place to submit your film!

    March 2018
  • Jeremiah Kipp

    Well organized by good people.

    October 2017