The Next Generation of Filmmakers Film Festival also known as NGF Film Festival for short, was founded by college students from Orange Coast College 4 years ago in hopes of providing a platform for student filmmakers to showcase their films on the big screen. This festival aims to give students a unique experience of first-class film festivals, giving them a chance to promote their work by networking, and supplying them with enriching educational opportunities. NGF continues to be run by college students from different colleges, who are passionate about this film festival providing a memorable experience to artists that are the next generation of filmmakers introducing new forms of art.

We have extended our submission deadline because we have a set venue and date for the festival. We appreciate the patience and will be announcing notifications soon!

Best High School Film

Best College Film

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Director

Best Editing

Best Director of Photography

Best Costume Designer

Audience Award

Judge Award


The following constitutes the rules and regulations (“Rules and Regulations”)

governing the submission of a film (the “Film”) to The Next Generation of

Filmmakers Film Festival 2017 (the “Festival”) for consideration for the Festival.

By agreeing to the Terms And Conditions found on this Festival submission form, the

filmmaker (the “Applicant”) acknowledges that he or she is the producer, creator,

owner, writer or has obtained consent from all authorized representatives of the Film

(individually and collectively, the “Film’s Owners”), whose consent is needed to

submit the Film to the Festival.


The filmmaker (the “Applicant”), must fulfill either requirement (I) or (II) below in

order to be eligible for consideration into the Festival.

I) be a current student at an Educational Institution and provide proof of enrollment

(Student ID card copy or other proof of current registration)

II) be a recently graduated student who was enrolled in school during the creation of

the Film and submit proof of enrollment dating back to maximum of 24 months

from the date of submission of the Film.

Student identification or proof of enrollment will be required as part of application

process. Upon completion of FilmFreeway entry form the Applicant

will receive a tracking ID number and an email with instructions on how to submit a

photocopy of their student ID or proof of current/previous registration. Applicants

that fail in submitting the documents thereof will be disqualified from the Festival

and will not receive a refund of any submission fees.

Rules and Categories for Submission:

Films submitted to the Festival may apply for consideration in one of three

submission categories. The Festival reserves the right to determine eligibility of any

Film for any Festival program or submission category.

The Festival and all of its directors and each of their representative, sponsors and

affiliates expressly disavows any responsibility and will not liable for any

unauthorized inclusion of any materials or content within the Film that are basis for

any Third Party Claims based upon any of the foregoing legal theories or any other

legal or equitable claims. Applicant shall fully indemnify and defend the Festival and

its directors and their representative, sponsors and affiliates from all liability in

connection therewith and from all fees and expenses, including but not limited to

attorney’s fees.

It is required that all films, whether made in the U.S or Internationally, contains on-
screen English subtitles for any non-English spoken dialogue. The Festival reserves

the right to deny submission for films that do not meet this criteria.

For Festival consideration the Applicant must fill out the Festival submission form at

httpp:// The Festival reserves

the right to disqualify, without refund of submission fees previously collected from

the Applicant, any Film that is not submitted through

The Festival reserves to right to disqualify Applicants who fail to submit all

submissions fees. The Festival may attempt but is under no obligation to contact the

Applicant using the contact information provided on the submission form in an effort

to bring the payment status of the account up-to-date.

As the Festival selection process is completed, the Festival will attempt to contact the

Applicant through the contact information provided on this submission form to

inform the Applicant of the status of his or her Film. The Festival will not be held

responsible for any failure to contact the Applicant using the contact information

provided on this submission form.