Do you have a project that you are looking to get production and post-production support for? Are you 24-or-under? Submit an application for the chance to pitch live to a panel of industry judges at NFFTY’s first ever Pitch Competition!

Application Materials:

You should be prepared to submit your materials in a single PDF. If you have a Pitch Deck already prepared for your project, you can submit it with your application. Submitters are required to provide the following for review by the submission committee. Projects will be judged on strength of CONCEPT (what project you want to make and for whom), BUDGET (what will it take to make your project a reality), and KEY PLAYERS (who is making the project).


CONCEPT -- materials include:
- Project Description, including story synopsis, logline, target audience, creative comps -- limit to 2-3 pages max!
- Full Outline or Screenplay

Including any funds or in-kind support already secured -- can use your own, or NFFTY’s provided template, which can be found at

KEY PLAYERS -- materials include:
- Link to portfolio(s) - could be YouTube channel(s), Vimeo profile(s), etc.
- A list of pitching filmmaker(s) past projects - could be IMDB profile, Instagram Feed, etc.

OPTIONAL, IF AVAILABLE (may be used in deciding finalists):
- Lookbook
- Storyboards
- Pitch Deck
- Festival/Release Strategy
- Poster

For NFFTY’s Pitch Competition FAQ and hardship fee waivers, go to

You may request up to $5,000 of support for your project.

The project you’re submitting must:
- Be eligible to screen at NFFTY -- we accept narrative (live action) shorts, documentary shorts, animated shorts, music videos, and episodic (pilots or short form web series under 40 minutes)
- Have already completed progress on pre-production, including full outline or screenplay
- All pitching filmmakers must be 24-and-under at the time they start production on their film. Production must start no earlier than December 2021.

If you receive funding:

- Project must demonstrate that it is in active production to receive cash payments.
- Project funds must be used for approved expenses, as noted on the Pitch Competition budget template that you can find at
- Project is expected to run an accessible and inclusive set — in alignment with NFFTY values, and in compliance with all CDC, OSHA, and other public health and safety guidelines.
- Project is expected to report to NFFTY progress made on film.
- Project must acknowledge NFFTY support in end credits.
- Project must not be actively running a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign until after November 2021.