NEW AND FRESH - a little winter story in Slovenia! This is not only a film festival but also a way of life and a way of looking at things. The festival will showcase new, talented people that are independent filmmakers from around the world. Are you one of them and ready to submit your film? Why not, right?!

The second festival edition will take place from 2nd to 5th of Februaryr in Murska Sobota - we will showcase the movies in our locations in Murska Sobota as part of outside film events. Since this is a winter-themed edition, we will take our small festival inside and organize the viewings in the local theater. Each film will be viewed not only by an live audience but also from five international judges who will give you some important and maybe career changing feedback and tips on how to improve your work. The best films will be awarded as you already figured out ;)

We are small but together powerful - we are indie filmmakers from around the world who will get together and have a great time for sure. Join this adventure today, we will be super happy to have you on board. As we are a small festival we will accept a limited number of films - the films will be selected by the jury, that decision is final.

The festival will take place in the main open air area in Murska Sobota near Trate (Panonska ulica 13, 9000 Murska Sobota), where we will have room to host about 800 guests, a live screen will be submitted by our local cinema. As this is the winter event the event will be held in Murska Sobota Kino (Cinematograph). The festival will be a four-day event in the open air area of called trate, people can bring their tents and experience local indie ambient or visit the nearest tourist farms. We are unable to host the filmmakers in hotels, but will provide big tents to each one of you that will come to the festival for free, since our budget is limited to finance the chairs, sound design and cinema projector. The event is a first timer and we hope to set it to be a traditional one. You can expect a whole day late summer event which will provide you with film critic workshops, slackline, slovenian film viewing and method acting class. We hope to make a great first winter event with your help. Any other ideas are more than welcome!

Anything else? Well, read our rules for more below:

Best Feature movie
Best Doc
Best Short movie
Best Director
Best Cinematographer
Audience Award
Best Student film

- This is an international competition: please send us films with English subtitles or in English language

- The films can be either shorts or feature ones, but in the best option not longer than 50 minutes since we have a three day event... we will pick them depending on the theme, story and quality of the film

- We accept student films and will judge them in a separate category!