The Festival Background

Seattle is the largest famous city in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, it’s located in King County between Puget Bay and Lake Washington in Washington State, it about 174 KM from the US-Canada border. Seattle is the most recognized as the best and comfortable living and working city in the United States and a global attractive meeting center. The beautiful nature green environment protection has won the reputation of “Emerald City”.

Seattle is often the gathering place of original brands of famous global successful companies, like Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, T-Mobile, Costco, Starbucks, Expedia, WSU, UW, Nordstrom, Nintendo, Valve and more gaming companies, the hometown of Jazz and the Space Needle as a local landmark built during the World Expo in 1962.

Seattle was first known by the local classic movie story “Sleepless in Seattle”, and it has become more famous in latest years by Chinese featured movie story “Beijing meets Seattle” to bring more people to coming visit Seattle !

Along with the rapid and iterative development of high technology, more people would like to learn how use simple equipment to do film production to record their own interesting and memorable life stories. In order to provide more opportunities to do better works and talent demand, we look forward to all friends coming to join us in Seattle in September, 2020 !

Mission Statement

To establish unique platform in North America region and gathering people who love Arts, Technologies and Film entertainment unities to present our diversity life, times, sprites and unicorn pioneers;

To encourage our younger generations to utilizing the latest technologies for visualizing the world in their films, gathering showcases for many universe voices to share, we would be able to learn each other from all the nations and perform the most of our better life !

The Types of Festival

World MicroFilm Online Tournament

North America International UniFilm Festival

Golden Butterfly



1.The application and separate entry fee is required for each film submission.

2.We accept the film with all kinds of premiere statuses including film that had its own distribution agency and / or are available for streaming online as well.

3.All the films in Non-English languages of dialogues must have to use English subtitle or the entire setting as no dialogues at all.

4.All submissions must be provided the digital online link format (link to Vimeo), or Google Drive/Baidu Pan or DVDs Hard Copy (the shipping fee on your own expenses)

5.The final notification letter, after be selected, will be sent via email only, but contact us if you decided to give up the opportunity and the entry fee can not be refund.

6.All been selected films, music and image from the email, or website, or social media properties may be used for publicity purposes in this festival and future events.

7.All the marketing press kits, photos and publicity information will be retained as part of the Festival's files in their own library which the Festival has its reserved rights. All acceptance went into the festival will release the film for the press review.

8.That's the responsibility of the filmmaker in the process of submission to have a contract to ensure all requirements have to be met, the festival retains the right to disqualify any film entry without refunded fee, if submission rules are not followed,
including fail to respond the email messages correspondence from the festival.

9. It's the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure authorization and permission from the copyright owner(s) of any copyrighted contents and materials all including within submitted films to avoid any lawsuits.

10. By submitting the film to festival, the applicant and film owners which consider as submitting parties hereby warrant and represent that they have obtained any and all consents, releases, licenses, and other authorizations or waivers of any kind necessary for the inclusion or reproduction of any person, character, location and related things in trademark, musical compositions and sound recordings or other works in the films.