The NAACP is looking for youth activists and filmmakers! To support the ongoing work of the Criminal Justice program within the NAACP and tell the untold stories of our members, the NAACP in partnership with SHORTSTV will host a documentary short competition series during the 108th NAACP Annual Convention in Baltimore, Maryland.


● Must be between the ages of 18-29

● Must submit one creative sample (video/pictures/artwork) that demonstrates skill set and interests

● Must submit one written statement between 250-300 words on why criminal justice advocacy is important

● Must provide own transportation and housing in the Baltimore area from July 21-July 26th


Baltimore Convention Center
1 W Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland


Six youth filmmakers/activists will be selected to serve on three teams as part of the final competition. Through images, video clips and person-on-the-street stories and interviews, each team of filmmakers will work under the guidance of a producer-mentor with a small budget to produce a 5-7 minute short film during the beginning days of the NAACP convention. The short films will focus on ONE of the following topics:

- Living with a Criminal Record;
- School to Prison Pipeline; or
- Police Violence.

Participating youth filmmakers will present their finished short films during the 108th NAACP Annual Convention and convention attendees will vote on their favorite film. The filmmaker team with the most votes will receive a $7,500 budget (in total) to produce an extended documentary and credit listing. Other filmmakers will receive an iPad.

Please complete and submit this form by June 30, 2017 to enter.