Mystic Mycelia

Venture into “Mystic Mycelia,” an immersive guided VR meditation art experience that is designed to help awaken your imagination. The gentle radiance of fireflies will accompany you on this illuminated story-telling voyage among mystical mushrooms, all-seeing eyes, and a mesmerizing rainbow serpent. This inner odyssey inspires heart-opening revelations through the sense of wonder. The nurturing embrace of Mother Nature, in harmony with the wisdom teachings of animal medicine, may elevate your spirit and align you with the natural world. Within this captivating realm, you will encounter breathtaking jungles and floating islands with ethereal planets, supernatural portals, and embark on deep explorations of the mind-body-spirit, tuning into the art of presence. As you journey within this enchanted drug-free trip, allow the infinite pool of consciousness to reveal its profound secrets, as you reconnect with the boundless magic of existence.

What to expect during the experience:
Guided Meditative Sessions will be offered for a fee, in person with Alissa Christine in private sessions, as well as large group events and retreats. VR Headsets are included. The actual VR immersion is 20 minutes while participants are seated comfortably and wearing a VR headset. Prior to putting on the VR headset, attention is focused on centering practices and breath work. After the VR, grounding practices may include Savasana, Reiki, live Sound Baths and sharing circles. Additional interactive healing arts, culinary treats, and special guests may accompany the events. The duration of the entire experience can range from 60 minutes to a few hours.

Visual elements of the project have been minted as an NFT collection on Mintbase with INA DAO Female Artist Collective:

*VR App Project is a WORK IN PROGRESS.

  • Alissa Christine aka LUVRworldwide
    "Saddened Eyes" VR 360 Music Video for Love Crushed Velvet
  • Alissa Christine aka LUVRworldwide
    "Solarissa" Meditation NFT on Foundation
  • Alissa Christine aka LUVRworldwide
    "Saddened Eyes" VR 360 Music Video for Love Crushed Velvet
  • Alissa Christine aka LUVRworldwide
    Key Cast
    "Guided Meditation Narrator"
    "Solarissa" Meditation NFT on Foundation
  • Alissa Christine aka LUVRworldwide
    Lead Artists
  • Marcotic
    Soundscape Producer
  • Project Type:
    Virtual Reality, Performance, Installation, Game, 360 Video, Other
  • Genres:
    Solar Punk, Visionary, Meditation, Wellness, interactive
  • Runtime:
    20 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    November 17, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    10,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
  • INA DAO Superpowers3 Crypto Art Exhibit
    Voxels Metaverse Online
    United States
    NFT Art Exhibit for Visuals of Project
Director Biography - Alissa Christine aka LUVRworldwide

Short Bio:
Alissa Christine, a pioneer in virtual reality art, and author of “i love miami 365,” photo documentary of gratitude, merges wellness with new media. Alissa creates immersive meditative story-telling experiences inside her illuminated 3D VR paintings, complimenting her Healing Arts practices for over 15 years. With a two-decade art career, her work has graced global galleries, including VR/AR Cryptoart Metaverses, local exhibitions during Art Basel Miami, and she’s contributed to magazines like Ocean Drive’s Art Basel Mag. Alissa’s avant-garde achievements include VR app development, winning live global VR painting competitions, VR 360 music videos, guided VR meditations for wellness festivals, and performances at SXSW. An arts and wellness educator since 1998, she delivers engaging talks and coursework. Alissa Christine, a Brazilian-American Honors graduate, is based in Miami Beach, meditates in the ocean and loves to travel.

Long Bio:
As a pioneer in virtual reality art, and author of her year long photo documentary book “i love miami 365,” her versatility and boundless imagination synergize the healing arts with new media art. Alissa creates immersive meditative story-telling experiences inside her illuminated 3D VR paintings.

A practitioner of the Healing Arts over 15 years, and a nature lover, Alissa Christine compliments her tech innovations with traditional wellness modalities. She has designed her own line of organic Aromatherapy blends, rooting the healing experiences with plant essences. Alissa Christine's wellness toolkit includes Reiki, Reconnective Energy, Breathwork, Chakra Balancing, Body Talk Access, Yoga and Nutrition Awareness. She is a workshop facilitator for healing circle activations and is a certified Permaculture Teacher Trainer.

With a career spanning over two decades as a multidisciplinary artist, Alissa’s artwork and photography have been exhibited during Art Basel Miami, internationally at CAFA Art Museum, Auckland Arts Festival, CADAF, Burning Man Metaverses, NFTNYC, and more. She has contributed to magazines such as Ocean Drive’s Art Basel Mag, Haute Living, 944, Latina, among others, and has been featured on music albums and book covers.

Some avant-garde achievements for this self-taught artist include winning two live global VR painting competitions, producing VR 360 music videos, creating visuals and performing live VR paintings + guided meditations for a variety of art and wellness festivals, with notable performances at SXSW and Tamarindo Art Wave. As an early adopter in web3, she participated in the groundbreaking all-female WOCA (Women of Crypto Art) exhibit with her Genesis NFT in 2020 and subsequently produced, curated and participated in numerous interactive virtual metaverse exhibits in the crypto art space.

An arts educator since 1998, Alissa delivers talks and coursework in a dynamic and lighthearted way, while emphasizing well-being. She has worked with Artivive AR, Miami Ad School and the Miami-Dade Public School System.

Alissa Christine is a Brazilian-American honors graduate of Penn State University. She is based in Miami Beach, meditates in the ocean and loves to travel.

“Power Player – one of 100 individuals pushing Florida into the future.” - Florida International Magazine

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Alissa Christine's manifestations aim to uplift the mind, body and spirit at the intersection of art, technology and wellness.