Mysterious Call

Logline: If there is danger around everyone's life.

One day Hathaway lay on the bed as usual after taking a shower. On this night, she received many calls from unfamiliar numbers. Some said that he was delivering food, some said that he was a policeman, and some said that he was a friend of Hathaway. But all these calls come from the same person. It was at this time that she realized the danger... She heard the noise in the kitchen, and when she went down to check, she found that the masked killer was looking at her, so Hathaway looked for a place to hide, and the killer looked for Hathaway everywhere. When Hathaway found her hiding place, the phone rang again. She answered the phone. The person who came to help her asked her where she was in the room. When Hathaway informed the other party of the location, the closet door suddenly opened. .. That's a masked killer...

Project description:
This is a 6-minute long horror movie, the background of the female protagonist is suffering from a mental disorder disease. As a child, her parents often fought, causing Hathaway to suffer from hallucinations. She imagined herself making many phone calls and imagined herself being chased by a killer. Both the appearance of different phone calls in the movie and the appearance of the masked killer try to suggest that the heroine is afraid of everything in her life... Everyone has their fears in life, but when it does come, do you face it or run away from it? In the movie, the heroine ends up hiding in a closet, suggesting that she eventually chooses to run away.

  • Veegee liu
    Mysterious Call
  • Runtime:
    5 hours 12 minutes
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - university of sydney
Director Biography

My name is Veegee Liu, I am from China. I graduated bachelor's degree from Saint Petersburg State University in Russia, and I am currently doing a master of moving image at the University of Sydney. Familiar with adobe software, sound processing, color correction.Highly adept in the early and late stages of film operation, and can complete film shooting independently. Have strong organizational, execution and leader skills.

Adept at communication skills through interacting with internal and external stakeholders. also, I like to make literary and artistic movies, which can give the audience a sense of thinking and think about the truth of life. I really like the content of certain Wong Kar-wai movies, from the color, the editing, to the lines, and the content.

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