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My class went... well

The first year as a starting teacher is perhaps their most difficult time. Statistically, it has a high outflow in the Netherlands. From 15 to 26 percent of the teachers quits after one year of teaching. After five years, 31% is out of the secondary education. Most teachers are often not up to the practical work. Activities such as keeping the class in line, talking with parents, taking tests and, above all, keeping your own schedule well are aspects that a starting teacher often has difficulty with. Most of them often do not know how to handle all these things and need the support of experienced colleagues. This is often not done and the teachers get support for at most one year. They are on their own from the start.

In this documentary we follow the starting and insecure math teacher Anouk who is hurt by the fact that her students don't put effort into their work. In order to keep doing what she loves the most, wich is teaching, she will have to learn a new ability; being strict. A quality that lies outside her comfort zone. By following her closely, the documentary provides an in-depth picture of how Anouk mentally struggles in her quest to be the perfect teacher.

  • Yasin Maddamin
  • Yasin Maddamin
  • Mohamed Ardan
  • Anouk Doornebos
    Key Cast
  • Andre Kloer
  • Gijs Mortier
  • Naomi Scheek
  • Merel van Beek
    Sound Engineer
  • Jerom Galema
  • Yasin Maddamin
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Mijn les ging... goed
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  • Runtime:
    27 minutes 15 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    July 11, 2019
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Director Biography - Yasin Maddamin

Yasin Madamin is a video editor and director who has studied film and media at the Dutch Filmers Academy in the Netherlands. Primarly focussed on documentaries, he mostly hopes to the capture the working class of society to provide them a podium for recognition of their work.

"As a filmmaker and person I come from the idea that every person has an important role to play in society. But just like most people I don't relate to the everybody, unless I've experienced their work or lifestyle myself. And therefore we can't see the hard work that some people do for us. With my documentaries I hope to give a in depth view to a broader audience about the life of people around us, so we can recognize and appreciate each other work."

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Director Statement

“Teaching is a tough job that is greatly underestimated. Knowing something does not mean that you can teach right away. It is your own art that requires a lot of time and experience to be able to do it. Starting teachers need more space and guidance to survive.

With this film I hope to create a good picture of the development and the activities of a starting teacher. In addition, I would also like to tell the importance of communication and how much a person like Anouk needs it to succeed as a teacher. Talking and being heard about your activities and conflicts ensure peace and it tells you where you stand as a teacher. Unfortunately not every starter is as lucky as Anouk who has others that want to listen to her and help her in her journey.“