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My Unknown Avenger

In Seattle, right before a globalized digital economy was going to completely transform the world, and grunge was slowly dying, Mona is raped and urinated on by someone she knows.

Her friends take vengeance by violating and humiliating her rapist and blowing up a photo of his humiliation on a poster that reads “Exoriare aliquis nostris ex ossibus ultor” - May you arise from my bones, my unknown avenger. When there are a rash of copycat posters all over Seattle, but obviously different people in the same position as Mona in the original, it gets the attention of the FBI and national news. I know because I was there. My name is Ruby.

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Writer Biography - Michelle Espinosa

Michelle Espinosa is a Los Angeles native whose distinctive writing and filmmaking voice she attributes to her American West and Mexican heritage, in addition to being autistic. As a Directing Fellow of The American Film Institute, she was the Mary Pickford and Remy Martin Foundations Grants recipient. She was also interviewed in American Film magazine and by the New York Times who described her award-winning short film, Pinfeathers, as having a “Salammbô-like decadence ...” Pinfeathers is the recipient of a Silver Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival.

The American Film Institute describes Michelle as a " ... gifted, original talent and ... true storyteller."

Her first film, Silence, was showcased several times by The Director's Guild of America Theater in Los Angeles and presented by L.A. Film Forum. She is the writer of When Rent is Due, a play that premiered at New City Theater in Seattle. She authored All the Leaving, a novel that has been translated into Spanish and published in Mexico.

Michelle is currently producing the Uncanny Valley Girl web series about neurodiversity, human consciousness, and AI, to be launched in 2021 starting with an interview with New York Times bestselling author of Neurotribes - Steve Silberman.

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Writer Statement

If I did not write or make films, I could not live.

I would be forced to spend an entire life always misunderstood and never having even one thing that comes naturally and easily and is not a daily monumental challenge. Directing and being on a set are that one thing for me.

Directing saves lives.