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My First Thanksgiving

Louis, a French immigrant, explores and confronts his experience of living in America through his first Thanksgiving with the family of the girl he’s hoping to date.

  • Théo Mahy-Ma-Somga
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    Comedy, Drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Théo Mahy-Ma-Somga

An independent filmmaker for over 5 years, Théo’s work includes both short and feature-length films. Sharing stories about what unites us in the world from his international perspective, Théo aims to make a social impact through realistic but comedic movies.

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Writer Statement

I love the question, “what is a story?” and I love the pursuit of being truthful to it. To me, the point being a filmmaker is to share stories about what unites us in this world, from my interracial and international perspective. My work focuses on two main themes. The first is telling the underdogs tale by centering stories around marginalized people. The second being stories that highlight commonalities and differences between cultures.

To take the audience through the character’s introspective journey, I utilize an energetic visual style that typically includes breaking the fourth wall, extra closeups, a handheld camera, and jump cuts. I believe that if you come to be entertained, you better be active and my approach won’t let you down.

My films celebrate differences, reflect our society and incorporate genuine representation because smart storytelling can create momentum towards change.

By being provocative with a hint of quirkiness, I aim to make a social impact through realistic but comedic movies. My personal philosophy is that the best cinema ends up both asking and answering questions.