MY FINAL SHOT PRODUCTION FILM FESTIVAL on going series is now in it's 5th year.
If your short film is selected it will be screened ! It will screen in a combination of a theater setting and/ or lounge to a filmmaking audience.
If your feature film is selected it will play in one theatrical setting.
If your film is selected , you will receive a complimentary ticket to our AWARDS GALA Presentation .

This is a juried event and awards will distributed at the Awards Gala to be held in the second half of the year.
Films will be nominated in several categories including best actor , best short , best actress,best director , best documentary, screenplay, cinematography ,breakout feature filmmaker, etc.

All films will be considered in all genres, short films should be less than 20 mins., features 90 mins (exceptions can be made based on the quality of film).
THIS YEAR 2018 - we are specifically looking for faith based films and films that begin with a MARTIN LUTHER KING quote. This year we are moving in the realm of creating SPECIFIC CONTENT as to separate ourselves a little from the many festivals that are out there .creating content is the way to differentiate ourselves from the same ol same ol.
All films should be relatively new completed by June 2016 orlater .
Films need not be premiers , however please state if it will be a NYC PREMIERE.
If film is selected , you will be asked to send 1USB drive AND 1DVD or blu Ray and a detailed CREDITS LIST of all persons involved . All fees are non refundable .
Please make sure that you are the person of authority to speak on behalf of the films submitted.
Make all payments to M.Zapata c/o My Final Shot Production.

Overall Rating
  • Christian A. Morán

    My Final Shot Production Film Festival is a great festival that gives your film tons of exposure. My film, Let’s Play Dead Girl got screened in different venues which gave me a platform to reach a diverse audience. It also gave me a chance to talk about my film with an awesome moderated Q&A. The festival also gave me an opportunity to meet and network with other filmmakers in the industry. Their year-end Award Gala is amazing as they have tons of entertainment (comedic host, live music, and videos), honorees and awards in different categories, in which other festival should have. This is a festival that I encourage other filmmakers to participate in because they truly judge on merit of the art form of visual storytelling. Let’s Play Dead Girl received twelve nominations and became recipients of BEST PICTURE, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST ACTRESS, BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS, BEST MAKE-UP and BEST SOUND. I am happy that I got the chance to show my film at this festival and very grateful to be recognized as an artist at My Final Shot Production Film Festival.
    - Christian A. Morán, Producer/Director/Editor

    January 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for that.
    Looking forward to your future projects.
    Well deserved praises.

  • Michael Goldburg

    Great film festival and screening series in the NYC area! Great for all filmmakers, especially local ones. Mo Zapata programs exciting films and screens in historic venues. And his end-of-season awards evening is AWESOME with celebrated, industry veterans and emerging filmmakers getting together in NYC. Agreed a MUST in the NYC area!

    December 2016
    Response from festival:

    Always a pleasure ...cant wait to see what you and Dave are working on next.

  • Alba Enid Garcia

    This is a TOP NOTCH FILM FESTIVAL which emphasizes in diversity! Mo Zapata is knowledgeable in the filmmaking industry. This is a MUST in NYC area.

    December 2016
    Response from festival:

    You're a class act.
    Cant wait to see what else comes out of your team!