The Dreamspeakers Indigenous Film Festival is an international festival that celebrates the latest works by Indigenous peoples.

The Dreamspeakers Festival Society supports and educates the public about Aboriginal culture, art and heritage. It is a resource for Aboriginal filmmakers, directors, scriptwriters, cameramen, technicians, actors, musicians, storytellers, artists and craftspeople. The society is also a resource bank – a way to get in touch with Aboriginal filmmakers, performers and artists. And through Dreamspeakers, Aboriginal people receive training in arts, culture and festival operations.

Awards & Prizes

A panel of Indigenous jurists comprised of filmmakers and cinema/media professionals will award the following (to Festival applicants only).
• Best Drama • Best Documentary • Best Original Score •
• Best Short • Best Director

Rules & Terms

There are no category restrictions. Each work is juried solely on its own merits. Dreamspeakers seeks any combination of inventive, incisive, bold, vital and otherwise provocative work of any genre of Indigenous work.

Feature: 41 min. or longer.
Short: 40 min. or less.

Submission of a work confirms that Dreamspeakers International Film Festival has permission to exhibit it during the Festival and any Festival Tours. Submission of a work implies that the Festival can employ moving image excerpts and reproduce stills for exhibition promotion.

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    Sean Stiller

    It was a shame that I wasn't able to attend this year but my experience interacting with festival reps was excellent. I was excited to find out that my film was one of the first shown this year. I hope to submit in future years and attend in person!

    September 2017