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An aspiring artist sustains an injury to his lower back putting him on disability and eventually hooked on painkillers. He then begins suffering from repetitive nightmares which reflect his inner subconscious demons, and in addition, battles to grasp love with a mettlesome woman that also so happens to be his doctors wife.

  • Lance Sadia
    The Bad Trip
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    Romance, Drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Lance Sadia

Lance Sadia was born and raised in Monrovia California (USA). In 2014 he graduated from Cal Polytechnic Pomona where he received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Philosophy. Since college Lance created his own freelance production company titled Prasp Entertainment, where he works as a scriptwriter and film producer for various outside organizations in addition to his own personal film projects and freelance literature.

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Writer Statement

The way I like to describe this story is something of a blend between Pink Floyd the wall (the movie), meets Romeo and Juliet but on pain pills. It’s ultimately a hybrid between a live action film and an animation, and the animation side is a glimpse into the subconscious psychosis of our drug addicted main character. Not only is this story relatively pioneering in regards to its visual aspect, but also extremely relevant in regards to the opioid epidemic the US faces currently. According to the CDC, in the year’s 2018- 2019 roughly 70,000 people in the United States alone died from opioid overdoses, in which 68% of those deaths were attributed to prescribed pain medication. And as sobering these facts may be, big pharmaceutical companies supplying these hard drugs aren’t taking bolder steps in trying to help shift the curve this addiction problem truly is. It seems now days pain pills are becoming more easy to get, and don’t tend to have the stigma most street drugs have, such as heroin or meth, but are just as addictive and deadly. As a writer and filmmaker creating story that entertain, enlighten and educate is what’s most fulfilling, and if this story can help shift the curve in regards to the opioid epidemic for the better, it would not only be fulfilling, but a true moral accomplishment on a wide spread scale for society.