Mutiny in Munchkinland

Logline: Life was idyllic in Munchkinland until height prejudice struck.

Synopsis: This is an adult fantasy comedy. Dorothy has won the annual contest of theme park developer "The Wizard," who sends the diminutive Marvin Peacock to help her build Ozland in the middle of Kansas. Once a movie star, now a renowned architect and builder, Marvin is the most famous little person in the world. However, Marvin is actually a tall guy who has been shrunk down using sorcery by a secret tall society with the aim of little genocide. To this end, Marvin invites little people to live in Munchkinland, where he becomes the town's mayor, where he terrorizes them with tiny totalitarianism, and where he insidiously pits them against the park's taller patrons. After numerous setbacks, Dorothy ultimately comes to understand her situation, develops personal powers to defeat Marvin, drafts a plan needed to take back Munchkinland, and frees the little people from Marvin's tyranny.

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    Comedy, Fantasy
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    United States
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Writer Biography

Kurt St. Angelo, J.D. is an alumnus of the University of Lund, Sweden (1977), Pomona College (1978), the Robert H. McKinney School of Law (1986), Toastmasters International and Nicotine Anonymous. He is a retired appellate attorney and author of two unique law books: BUSTED: A Whistleblower's Guide to the War on Drugs (2015) and America's Republican Form of Government (2017), available at Amazon. Kurt has written or co-written a dozen screenplays or shorts, most of which have been workshopped at, where he is a Top 10% reviewer.

On a personal note, Kurt is an avid IndyCar race fan who has attended 57 Indy500 races. He is the first two-time and first back-to-back winner of the IndyCar Fan Zone fantasy racing competition.

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Writer Statement

My screenwriting goal is always to tell an entertaining story with a fresh perspective.