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A historical nonfiction coming of age story. Muskka is six years old . He was born in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 1979. That year the Soviet red army started their coup, and then their invasion. Muskka’s Father is assassinated after a nightly prayer in the worship house . His mother moves out with his older sister. Muskka’s will now be cared for by his grandfather. The youngboy will grow up without parents throughout his adolescent years. He sees the harsh realities of life. In the slums of Afghanistan. His family is forced to leave their ancestral home. They must abandon all their possessions, and travel into Pakistan by foot, and by bus .His family must stay alive long enough to make it to the United States.

  • Abdul Qayum Nangyalai
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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    United States
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  • New York City International film Festival “ quarter finalist“
    NYC International film Festival
    March 8, 2022
Writer Biography - Abdul Qayum Nangyalai

Born in 1979 Kandahar , Afghanistan . Father was killed when he was four months old by the Mujahedin .He is cared for by his grandfather after his mother and sister are forced to leave him at the age of five years old. They travel a dangerous path to get to southern Pakistan. He sees the harsh realities of every day life in the slums of Karachi , Pakistan. His family receive Political asylum in 1987. After arriving to the US he loses his grandfather and he is now cared for by his uncle. He Grows up in Fairfax county Virginia. Until the age of 13. He is then forced to Moves to Union City California in 1992 living with his abusive uncle for two years . After his uncle leaves back to Virginia . He moves out at the age of 15. He lives with Family and friends throughout high school.
After graduating high school 1998 with honors. And receiving principles lifetime achievement award. He works in the security and investigation field for some years . In 2004 he starts his first security company.
With one employee himself. He is now the CEO of his own firm
He is an Author, business owner, entrepreneur, and volunteer.

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Writer Statement

“This story is of my life’s work . I am very fortunate to be telling my story . Like most children that grow up in Third World countries . “There are emotional and physical battles everyone must face. I am very fortunate to have been helped by complete strangers . Anything is possible you just have to believe in yourself” . You had to working really hard , and never quit on my dreams. You only live once” .

-Abdul Q.Nangyalai

Peace love and prosper .