Almost simultaneous assassination attempts in Damascus, Cairo and Kufa are the starting points of the story. Muawiyah in Damascus, Amr Bin As, appointed by Muawiyah as the governor of Egypt, in Cairo, and Ali, the fourth Caliph are attacked in Kufa. Muawiyah and Amr Bin As survives the attacks without being damaged, but Ali is injured in the head. The sword used in the attack attempt is poisonous. Therefore, Ali dies three days later.
The person who attempts to attack Ali is Mencus, who is known by the name Ibn-i Mulcem in history. Mencus, who receives instructions from Damascus, is also pressured by a prostitute named Kuttame, whom he is in love with, to kill Ali. Mencus is captured after the assassination, killed by Hassan, who is declared caliph by the people of Kufa after Ali's death, and his body is cremated. Kuttame comes to Damascus to Mervan. Mervan rejects Kuttame's claims and has Kuttame killed.
After Ali’s death, his eldest son, Hassan in Kufa, and Muawiyah in Damascus declare their caliphate. Meanwhile, Hassan's commander, Es'ash, dies a few days after Ali. Es’ash’s daughter Cade and Hassan fall in love. They get married and Hassan temporarily terminates his relationships with different women after he marries his wife Cade.
Two leads in the area eventually cause a war. Muawiyah gains ground on Kufa with his regular army of 60.000 men. However, Hassan's army consists of 40,000 men. Most of Hassan's army consists of non-military individuals who have joined the army in hopes of trophy. Indeed, a speech made by Hassan on the battlefield is misunderstood and a large part of the army disbands. Meanwhile, Hassan is attacked and injured. He has to agree with Muawiyah and leaves the caliphate to him.
Hassan retires to his home in Medina. His wife Cade begins to treat him badly because he has left the caliphate. As Hassan becomes interested in other women, her jealousy increases. The violence of Muawiyah supporters is mentioned even in Hassan's house. Hassan decides to go to Damascus and talk to Muawiyah in person. He is welcomed in Damascus and takes the word from Muawiyah that the violence will end.
Cade accompanies Hassan on his journey to Damascus. Her eyes dazzle from the wealth of the palace and the city. On their way back, Hassan is poisoned twice, but he manages to get over both attempts. In order to use Cade's interest in the palace, Mervan contacts her in Medina and convinces Cade to kill Hassan. In return, he says she can marry Yazid, the future caliph. Cade succeeds in poisoning Hassan and escapes to Damascus. Hassan's funeral is attacked by Mervan and his soldiers that he cannot be buried near Muhammad.
Cade meets with Muawiyah. Muawiyah imprisons Cade stating that, he will not let a woman who has poisoned her husband, marry her son. Shortly after, he sends Cade to Basra. She is sailed from Basra to an island. On the way, she is thrown out of the ship and fed to sharks.

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Writer Biography - Achilles Valentin

He was born in 1975 in Germany. He worked as an independent accountant and financial advisor for many years. His childhood passion for performing arts and writing, has changed his whole life.

Between 2007-2011, he attended acting classes in Mahşeri Cümbüş. During the same period, he performed with the Ani Etki Ters Tepki group. He got back on stage in 2016 with Ikinci Perde.

In the meantime, his first novel Seventh Disk was published in 2014. In 2016, Notebook of an incompatible mind and in 2017, The Lost Age 1- The Era of the words was also published by Sola Publications. His latest book, The Lost Age 2- Return of Lilith has met with its readers in November 2017. His real name is Kemal Tuğan but he writes all his works under the pseudonym Achilles Valentin.

Achilles Valentin, whose articles Yazi-Yorum site, is one of the most prominent writers with his books on different topics and his extraordinary style.

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