The Moviola Film Fest is a festival that attracts visitors from all over the world to New York City. You may witness the magic of cinema firsthand and become a part of a thriving movie enthusiast community by attending Moviola Film Fest.
The Moviola Film Festival works to promote both the filmmakers and the films that were chosen in order to jumpstart their careers. Young filmmakers are encouraged to apply. The festival's goal is to advance education through panels and ensuing workshops that inspire and support filmmakers as they draw inspiration from their cinematic legacy for their films.
A Q+A session with the filmmakers will follow a curated showing of short films at this event. It is strongly recommended that filmmakers who submit make themselves available on the event day.

The festival offers prizes totaling about $3,000 in cash, film services, and merchandise thanks to the funding of Moviola's sponsors.

Cash Prizes:

Best film - $1,000 (any genre)
Best short film $500 (any genre)
Best documentary - $500
Best animation - $500

Physical Awards:
Jury Award
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Screenplay
Best Editor
Best Cinematography
Best Micro (under 5 minutes)
Best Music Video (with a story)
Best Student

All films must be in English or with English subtitles.
Submitted films must be not older than 5 years.
Moviola does NOT CONSIDER films that require SCREENING/RENTAL FEES.

- Feature Narrative: No less than 40 minutes
- Feature Documentary: No Less than 40 minutes
- Short Narrative: Less than 40 minutes
- Short Documentary: Less than 40 minutes

By submitting your movie to the festival, you give us permission to screen it in a theater on the dates of the events listed if it is chosen for inclusion in our screenings. Within five working days following the final submission deadline, you must notify us if you do not want your film to be included for any reason. As we invest in print materials and festival trailers, which cannot be changed in the immediate run-up to the event, films may only be withdrawn after this period with the festival organizers' consent.

Unless otherwise specified, cash awards for prizes will be given to the film's director. The distribution of the cash award to participants in the movie will be up to the director, if at all. The filmmaker must have a way to receive money electronically in order to receive a cash prize. Any taxes owing on the money received will be the responsibility of the filmmakers.