The Festival for a warm nice evening out.

We have only one jury and that is the audience who's watching your jewel of creativity.
The Audience will choose the winners: one national (Belgium) and one International.
On top of that, there is the Prize of Move Me Productions team!

This festival is a live screening!
Where is this live screening you ask? It's held at " Greefstraat 1 2910 Wildert (Essen)

Who can enter the festival?
Well, everybody! We accept entries from all over the world.

A quality festival in Belgie

The winner will receive a beautiful trophy.
Additionally, the winner will receive an official certificate of winning and a laurel of winning (in various formats).

Award of the Public International
Award of the Public National (Belgium)
Award Moving Pictures presence Award (This award is only for the present filmmakers)

We DO NOT publish your movie online, just the film poster and/or trailer.

Movies need to be submitted in 1280x720 or 1920x1080 pixels (full HD).
The total allowed length of a short movie is up to 50 minutes.

Subtitling: unless spoken in the Dutch or English language, all movies need to have
english subtitles.

Publication: the winning movie will have its movie poster published on Moving Pictures Festival. The winning movie's trailer will also be put online on our website and social media.


The public's decision is final.

Overall Rating
  • Sarah Baur

    What a night!
    We were so excited to be selected in the first place, but then to actually win Best National Film at what was at the same time the national première of the film, was absolutely amazing.
    Organisers and audience were both genuinely interested in the films that were selected, we got personal feedback and even did an improvised Q&A with all the filmmakers present.
    A good and diverse selection also, I really enjoyed watching the other films and hearing about them from the directors.
    We'll be sure to put the prize for hiring material to good use.
    Thank you so much for an evening to remember.

    December 2019
  • Thanks for your good festival
    I hope to participate next year

    June 2018
    Response from festival:

    Hi Barzan! Thanks submitting your film to our festival, much appreciation and we are happy to see you back soon. :-)

  • What a great experience this was! A cosy and friendly festival where an interested audience, and national and international short film makers get together to watch a selection of films. Fun to see the audience decide, which - for me - adds a certain value to the festival vibe. Thanks a lot.

    June 2018
    Response from festival:

    Dear Thomas, it was great having you with a large group of friends en crew at our festival.
    Congratulations with your award!
    We are really curious how you will develop further with your unique style.
    Best regards, Lennart and Ritchie.

  • Very nice festival with good communication. It was a pity I couldn't attend.

    June 2018
    Response from festival:

    Hi Marc,

    Winning 2 prices at one festival, congratulations!

    Yes a pity you couldn't attend, who knows with the following project we can meet and have a beer.
    Good luck filmmaking and thanks for the sublime review, means a lot to us.

  • Nicolas Van Ruychevelt

    Maybe a small festival, but with a big heart ! They deserve a lot more audience ! Thank you all !

    June 2018
    Response from festival:

    Hi Guys,
    Great you attended at our festival!
    Congrats with your award for "Far Away", great movie that let you think.
    In the evening program we had all chairs filled luckily :).
    Good luck with your ongoing projects and hope to see you back!