The objective of “Motion to the sound” is a sustainable prospect of knowledge gain for African independent and freelance animators towards competitiveness and establishment of their voices in the industry globally.

Through mentored animation challenges, the participants learn how to harness their talents, sharpen their imaginative skills, take control of their stories, scale the production hurdles, and establish their voices globally as Pan African animation directors both for entertainment and commercial productions.

"Motion to the sound” will provide story scenarios, as duly licensed voice clips, music scores, sound designs and foleys, all composited down to the necessary timeline, ready to be overlaid with images. Using their imagination and perceptions, the animators will visualize and animate the scenarios following the sound elements provided. Thus, they can focus on their creativity without having to worry about music and sound licensing.

During this creation period each participant will receive remote coaching and feedback from leading industry professionals.

Broken down into two subcategories, there will be “MTTS‐30”and “MTTS‐120”

MTTS‐30 Every six months, a new thirty second sound file is released. The animators create a 30second clip with these files. The participants will have three months to animate to the sound files. After the submission, there will be a one-month judging period in which winners will be announced.

MTTS‐120 once a year, a new 120 second sound file is released. The animators create a 2 minutes film with these files. These are directly shown in our partner festivals worldwide.

Also as a means of fostering co-operation, in a fully mentored workshop overseen by top industry professionals, winners of the previous competitions will, create sound files for further challenges.

Extensive information is to be found on our website at the FAQ page:

For the MTTS30 challenge, winners will receive prizes ranging from paid industry experience in a partner animation studio. mentorship, free access to premium skills-building workshops and masterclasses for animators

Only Animations produced in the framework of "Motion to the sound Challenge" using the provided sound files from are accepted.

Extensive information is to be found on our website at the FAQ page: