Mothers Can Have It All

When an overwhelmed mother seeks the help of a wounded scientist and gains a duplicate of herself, will she become the mother she desires to be?
What mother wouldn't want an extra set of hands to help balance motherhood responsibilities and achieve the perfect life-work balance? And, yet, mothers worldwide deal with a consistent record playing in their minds, repeating the tune, I'm only one person, as they juggle multiple roles.

Janet, a wife, mother of two teenagers, a sixteen-month-old, and a full-time party planner, is beyond burnout. Unfortunately, today is not going as planned. Janet misplaces her keys. Their family dog has pica and poops in the kitchen, and Janet's teenagers are late for school. A by-the-book principal tells Janet that mothers can't have it all. Janet sees the light in her dark tunnel of despair after meeting Harietta, a wounded scientist, at the grocery store. Harietta agrees that mothers can have the balance they seek and offers to help Janet. Later that day, Janet learns her mother-in-law is coming to live with them for a few weeks. When Janet finds a boy's phone number in her thirteen-year-old daughter's belongings, she enlists Harrietta's help. Harietta creates a duplicate of Janet, but the clone lasts only four weeks. But will clones of herself be enough for Janet to have the life she desires?

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  • Timika Shondel Chambers
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    Drama, Family
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Timika Shondel Chambers

I'm a trained BSN and MSN nurse with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. In 2020, I became a full-time writer, speaking to human hearts and minds via autobiographies, children's books, memoirs, nonfiction self-help, poetry, and screenplays. I aim to present stories to a global audience, helping people remember the human spirit's purpose and resiliency.

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I write stories that educate, energize, & empower people to dream, believe, and achieve.