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Mot - King of the Hill

"King of the Hill" describes MOT, an artist and musician who lives in Fairfax, in Marin, California. Due to a birth defect he compensates everything with his right brain. As a result, he is incredibly creative and under constant creative urge. He paints in oil, draws cartoons, carves wood and composes songs. In the 80s and 90s he had his own band called Troy. He is very ambitious and never rests.

What is fascinating about his personality?
MOT has an admirable optimism and positive mood. He doesn't get involved in negative thoughts for long; he prefers to use the time to be productive. MOT is a really exciting and interesting guy who can inspire people.

The German filmmaker Petra Bereuter accompanied him over 4 years.

The documentation is for people who let themselves be touched by art and music, who want to be amazed. It is intended to give insight and clarify how the life of such an artist and musician works in this world. What drives him, what touches him and where he gets all his energy from. We visit places,
art exhibitions, meet friends and former members of Troy. We travel back in time and bring the band back together. We talk to people who were and are important to him in his life, and learn a lot about this man MOT.

  • Petra Bereuter
  • Petra Bereuter
  • Petra Bereuter
  • Tom Gardner
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    1 hour 32 minutes 4 seconds
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    February 7, 2020
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    United States
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Director Biography - Petra Bereuter

Since childhood, Petra Bereuter has been interested in the entertainment industry. She „stole“/borrowed her mother's 8 mm camera, secretly filmed with it and gave film screenings at children's birthday parties, or recorded her “own radio show” on a cassette. At the age of 12 she became interested in Federico Fellini and Alfred Hitchcock, rented their film scripts from the library and studied their films (by the way, still until today), tried to write a screenplay herself. At 14, like most of her age, she wanted to be an actress; two years later, at 16, she already knew that she wanted to work behind the camera and be involved in the filmmaking process.

Unfortunately, her parents stood in the way of her career prospects, they wanted a normal office job for their daughter. From age 18-21 years old, Petra was the fulfillment maker of her parents' wishes and completed a banking apprenticeship. In her free time, she realized her ambitions with a Video8 camera and a VHS recorder and made "socially critical documentaries", which dealt with the social gap in the banking city of Frankfurt. Being a banker herself on weekdays, in her free time she was filming the bank towers from the point of view of the homeless and fixers, or other poor people in need.

First she finished her apprenticeship, then she left the bank and worked unpaid as an intern and runner in various film production companies in Frankfurt and London. With a lot of patience and a little coincidence, her talent was discovered and she got a permanent job as a video editor, where she often went to film shootings. Did this for 4 years, became a chief senior video editor and trained other newcomers in this company.

Since her boss gave up the company in 2003 and retired, she has been working as a freelancer in television channels and film productions, has worked as a video editor for documentary films, or has been booked for the dramaturgical final cut (also for artist portraits), as well as for trailers, TV contributions, and films for industry.

For about 15 years she has also been making films with her own equipment, which she assembles in her studio, while being culturally ambitious. "If it wasn't just for the money, I would only make films that the world must have seen."

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