The Moscowcity International FILM Festival, will showcase the best
short films and its filmmakers from around the world.
The Moscowcity international Independent film festival is a platform for independent filmmakers, where they can show their films on a big screen and to know the opinion of the audience and their colleagues.
We want to create a community of independent filmmakers from different countries of the world.
First of all, we invite directors who make films with a small budget.

We do not limit the films from one person but entry fee must paid for each film.
We accept the films of any genre. It should be a movie with the story, but not an amateur video.
The Festival reserves the right to refuse any film without explanation. In this case, the fee no will be refunded. So you have nothing to lose. No money for nothing. This is our principle.
Because there are free categories to provide your movies.
Our festival is neither bourgeois no pretentious. We just show movies to people. Let the spectators decide themselves what movies they want to see
Venue - the city of Moscow, the illusion of cinema. Illusion Cinema is located in the famous Stalin skyscraper on Tinkers embankment. Near the metro station Kitai Gorod, Tagansky, Marxist. The peculiarity of this theater is that the bulk of the repertoire - masterpieces, films from the collection of State Film Fund of the Russian Federation.
Almost half a century after the opening of Illusion Cinema Moscow acquaints its visitors with the best films of Russian and foreign cinema. Often held retrospectives, festivals, theme nights and other events.

Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Foreign Film
Best Drama Film
Best Comedy Film
Best Feature
Best Music Video
Best Horror Film
Best Student
Best Television
Best Web / New Media
Best Treatment
Best Children's movie
Best cartoon
Best film about love mother
One minute film
One shot film

- Films have to not exceed 40 minutes in length;
- Films have to be made after 1 of January, 2008;
- Films have to be available for Festival screening on mp4, mov, avi.
- By submitting the film must indicate the name of the category.

The aim of the festival - to present a great variety of independent short films, so pre-selection considers only the visual and technical quality of the films.
Each film that tells a story and have HD or Full HD-quality will be accepted. But the number of films limited by the number of our screens.

All films must have English subtitles if they made on any other language.

After your film will be accepted to Official programm, you will receive a letter with confirmation. Then you must send to a link to download a film. You may submit more than one film, but you must complete a separate
entry form and pay entry fee for each film.

You also must send the dialog lists on English. All participants will be received all information about festival not later then 7 February

Overall Rating
  • A well-organized competition which also gives recognition to specific types of projects such as treatments, one-minute films and children’s movies.

    May 2017
  • Joe Chang

    Many thanks to Moscowcity International Film Festival for awarding my film! It's a great festival and I love it very much.

    February 2017
  • Thank you for honoring my play, "Hell on Neptune." This is the second prestigious award this story has earned from Moscow, and 73rd worldwide. So rest assured you and your fine organization are in great company.

    The next screenplay I'm going to send you, "The Salt Box", is a period piece from the days of our Civil War. This romance between a Union soldier and a southern belle has received great reviews. Can't wait to challenge the world with it.

    Thank you again. Take care. Peace.

    R.J. Rogers ...

    February 2017
  • Thanks to Festival Director and jury to select my movie RESONANCE as an Award winner in category Best Drama Film . Regular and punctual communication. Nice hospitality. Good networking. All these make festival valued. Highly recommended. Wish to become more precious festival in future.

    February 2017