Russia starts to run the first ever for our country film festival dedicated to all sorts of design art!

Our annual genre offline LIVE film event will take place in early fall (last week of September) at the Foster cinema theatre, which is located in the big design trading center in the very heart of Moscow city at Frunzenskaya embankment, 30, building 19.

Within the framework of the film festival, the following events are envisaged:

-competition program films screenings

-author’s master classes from movie stars and representatives of various spheres of design art

-the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival

The festival management:

Festival President – Boris Khobod (design specialist, owner of Foster cinema theatre, owner and CEO of Foster Group)

Festival Programming Director and Curator – Victor Boulankin (movie producer)

Contact data: +7 495 724 05 93

The essence of design exists for ages. Most people think that design is about making things look pretty – just a decoration. But design is as much an art as it is a science. The design is not allowed to fail. Design is for everyone and no one in particular.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the festival is dedicated to films on the subjects of architecture and landscape, design of toys, jewellery and items, furniture, interior and various technical equipment.

The films may be fiction, documentaries, feature films, or short films. The purpose of the festival is to encourage the production of cinematographic works on these subjects, and to encourage and motivate architects in the use of audiovisual language as a means of communication.

Sections of the festival’s competition program:


Feature and short films about ancient, modern, contemporary architecture and landscape


Feature and short films about design of clothes all aspects fashion industry


Feature and short films about internal world of locations and all sorts of theatrical and home scenery


Feature and short films about any other types of design, i.e.: toys, technical equipment, jewelry, handmade items, web design etc.

Prizes and gifts:

MIDFF annually provides to its winners valuable design hard-material diplomas and sponsored gifts.

Terms and conditions for participation:

In order to participate it is necessary to use this submission platform.

The required materials are:

1. The downloadable link to the digital file of the work (mov/mp4) – to be provided after your submission will be accepted

2. Poster of the film in jpg format

3. Synopsis, complete movie information sheet (title, director, country and year of production, running time, language)

4. Director’s Biography including his/her Filmography

5. Trailer of the film in any format

The submission fee is 10 USD per submission.

Films must be in the original language, with subtitles in English. Subtitles in other languages are optional.

Requirements for participation:

Participation is open to persons over 16 years of age of any nationality. Their works must have been carried out during the two-year period. The Festival is open to film projects dedicated to any sort of design topic. The films may focus on aspects of actual or imagined structures, and to aspects that bring in other fields, such as art, music, theatre, literature and technology. Films may be nominated for participation by directors, clients, and producers.

We look forward to receiving your works!

Overall Rating
  • Great Festival!
    It is my pleasure that we own same probremtique issue that desgn does not
    mean creat something like cakes by graphic soft. And feel honnor they selected my film"Exchanging" for the event.

    October 2021