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LOGLINE: When an aspiring comedian down on his luck, quits his job and move to Atlanta to work in his dysfunctional family’s funeral business, he discovers just how much death will give him life.

Morbid is a comedy, set in present-day, that follows the life of Larry Taylor— a savvy introvert who quits his job and moves to the city of Atlanta to become a comedian. In just a short time, Larry quickly discovers that the comedy business isn’t so funny… and neither is he. While chasing his dream, Larry works at his dysfunctional family’s funeral home as a Pallbearer. It’s through his uncomfortable everyday experiences with dead bodies and funerals that we see him flourish in the comedy business, and as well as himself as he navigates through different series of events.

Our way through the show is from Larry Taylor’s point of view. We will see certain moments that happens to be unfortunate occurrences turned into comedy. This to include what happens behind the scenes of funerals, his interactions with the opposite sex, the navigation through his comedy path, and random run ins with other characters.

• Larry Taylor - (34) Lanky, reserved, introvert with a boyish look.
• Felix Taylor – (28) tall, handsome, arrogant, well-built ex-football player
• Beverly Taylor – (52) The epitome of elegance yet unapologetically emotionless.
• Uncle Taylor – (64) An imposing father-like figure with a permanent look of hostility.

This show will explore how Larry, an introvert, tries to break out of his shell to become a great comedian. However, his choices and his dedication will consistently cross the line of acceptability, both in his professional and personal life.

  • Kenny Mulfort
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Kenny Mulfort

Kenny Mulfort is an imminent prized writer residing in Orlando, FL. Mr. Mulfort was born in Miami, Florida on December 10, 1983. He is the son of Haitian immigrants who moved to America in the 1982.

Upon graduating from high school in 2002, Kenny continued his education at The University of Florida, majoring in Architecture. However, for Kenny, adapting to the college classroom did not come as an easy task. In fact, the more he went to class, the more he realized college was not for him. So, after three short months of attending college, Kenny decided to take a break from higher education.

After exploring his options, he returned to college to finish what he started. In the Fall of 2005, Kenny returned to The University of Florida to pursue a degree in Journalism. This is where he discovered his true passion for writing.

Kenny remembers one assignment in particular where he was asked to write a 10page script for a class project. His professor not only fell in love with the script but encouraged Kenny to continue writing. When Kenny finished, he sat in awe as he held onto a 66-page script. Little did he know, this script would lead to his first role as a director. In the spring of 2007, he directed his first stage play titled “A Walk In My Shoes.” Just like that, his love for writing grew into something stronger. Kenny went on to write, produce, and direct four stage plays during his time as a student. Additionally, he produced an on-campus digital series. In 2009, Kenny Mulfort received his degree in Journalism from the University of Florida.

This Haitian American from South Florida has been using his intriguing experiences mixed with his interesting mind to write captivating stories. Over the years, Kenny wrote several stage plays, screen plays, short stories, and is in the process of finishing his first novel. Moreover, he’s written several specs for shows like 90120, Being Mary Jane, Hung, and Happy Endings, just to name a few. In 2010, he was a finalist in the Scriptapalooza screenwriting competition for his script “Coleman Love.” In addition to writing, Kenny has experience working on the set of productions such as Single Ladies, The Walking Dead, and X-Men the Origins. He even created and designed a board game called LAST 2 STANDING that is currently on shelves! After taking a hiatus from writing to focus on his career in Information Technology, Kenny returned to his passion and wrote his first web series entitled DROP. Kenny not only wrote the eight-episode series, but also casted, produced, filmed, and edited the series as well.

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