As of May 8th, the Moonfaze Feminist Film Festival will be known as the MOONFAZE FEMINIST FILM JOURNAL

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are now an online, ongoing event and no longer a live film festival. Please see the note from our team and submission guidelines below.

MOONFAZE FEMINIST FILM JOURNAL: Each month we will feature one feminist filmmaker. Each featured filmmaker will receive an award laurel, be featured on our journal for an entire month, and abundantly celebrated on all of our social networking sites.

Throughout each month we will also be celebrating other forms of feminist art: Special guest writers, photography and more.

A note from our team:

Dear Moonfazers,
After extensive consideration and many hours of deep soul searching, we have decided that due to a lack of funds we will be redirecting our efforts from a live film festival into an online feminist film journal where we will continue to showcase feminist films from around the globe. Although our direction has changed, we are beyond thrilled to be able to move forward with our mission and our passion by carving out an online space for feminist filmmakers to shine.

The two years that we were able to put on our festival has been an incredible experience. We will never forget and be forever grateful for all of the people who contributed to making our festival a reality.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful work.

In sisterhood,

The Moonfaze team


Moonfaze’s mission is to engender an all-encompassing peaceful activism that elevates marginalized voices, shedding light on the pervasiveness of misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, and ableism in our everyday experiences.

A celebration across genre, showcasing films that foreground a feminist viewpoint and tell HER story: a critical, political, cinematic take on the many levels of oppression we navigate every day as women, queer people, transgender people, and people of color.

NEW! This year we have added a category called the MOONLIGHT SHORTS category. After being deeply inspired by the film MOONLIGHT, we will now (in addition to our main focus: Feminist films with female leads) consider feminist films that don’t necessarily have a female lead but still have an intersectional feminist perspective and still meet all of our other submission guidelines.

Awards & Prizes

Official selection - Award Laurel

Rules & Terms

IMPORTANT: Submissions are ongoing. Once you submit you are then eligible to be selected as a featured filmmaker not only for the month of your submission but for the rest of the year.

*Please ignore the listed NOTIFICATION and EVENT dates. If your film is selected you will be notified soon before your featured month.

There are no deadline fees. Only one flat fee of $10. All fees go to support keeping our platform alive.


• All films (except those films submitted under the MOONLIGHT SHORTS category) must have a female lead character/s. Supporting male characters are more than welcome.

• Films must foreground a feminist viewpoint: A critical, political, and cinematic take on the many levels of oppression we navigate every day as women, queer people, transgender people, and people of color.

• Films may not exceed 30 minutes.

• Submissions are open to ALL FEMINIST FILMMAKERS, regardless of location & gender identity. Anyone can be a Moonfaze feminist.

• All genres are welcome: Drama, comedy, horror, documentary, experimental, thriller, sci-fi, etc.

• By submitting your film you are agreeing to allow the Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal to post your film PUBLICLY online to indefinitely or for at least the entire month your film is to be featured (if your film is selected). All filmmakers agree that Moonfaze has the permission to share and celebrate their films via all of our social networking platforms.

• If your film is selected please be ready to provide the following:

- A public link to your film via Vimeo or YouTube OR a working Embed Code
- Any social networking handles for yourself and/or your film: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
- A short bio for yourself
- A short synopsis of your film

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    Sarah Fleming

    Unfortunately I was unable to attend the festival, but they allowed me to send some LA friends in my stead. I received great reviews from my friends, so wanted to pass them along!

    December 2016