Montreal International Indie Short Film Awards is an annual and a monthly festival competition dedicated to international short films of all genres.
The festival is an IMDB qualifier festival and various magazines such as the Film Daily and Universal Cinema have called it an important emerging international festival dedicated to short filmmaking and independent cinema.
The festival selects, promotes, and awards short films of all genres from all over the world every month.
It also provides screening platforms through Toronto Short Film Channel which screens international short films every day.
All the monthly winners receive promotions and bonuses and are further nominated, invited, awarded and honored in our annual screening event and red carpet ceremony which will be covered by media at the Cinema du Parc of Montreal.
Twelve award winning short films of each monthly edition will be screening in our annual festival event and one short film will be chosen as the best picture of the year.
Our programmers and the members of our jury are professionals working in media from Canada and all over the world.

Best international short film
Best short film director
Best short film producer
Best short film lead actor
Best short film lead actress
Best short film cinematographer
Best short film editor
Best short film scriptwriter
Best documentary film
Best Canadian film
Best animation film
Best horror film
Best science fiction film
Best experimental film

Films can be from anywhere in the world since our festival is an international competition.
Short films can be available online and still enter the competition.
Completion date of films should be in the past 3 years.
Films can be of any genre.
Short films should be preferably less than 40 minutes.
Films must be subtitled in either English or French.
Our festival has the right to use a trailer, stills and a poster from the films for promotional purposes.

Overall Rating
  • Big cheers to Montreal International Indie Short Film Awards for accepting my biggest passion project. We are very grateful for being part of the main selection. Thank you!!

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    Cheers to you dear Gui. Well deserved. We wish you the best.

  • Edwin Escobar

    Great platform for writers and filmmakers! Went against great films, so I feel like a good fit!

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    Glad you enjoyed our festival and the films. Wish you the best dear Edwin.

  • Thank you Montreal Int Indie for selecting Icarus Stops for Breakfast in your festival
    It's a pleasure and an honour to be included in such a great company of films!
    Stay Safe!!

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    Our pleasure to meet talented filmmakers and recognize their films. Wish you the best dear Abigail.

  • Pathos Distribution

    Really well organized festival. very kind organizers and all the staff. congratulations to all!

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for you kind words. Our pleasure to hear this from Pathos Distribution.

  • Michael Boston

    Very classy new festival that started off with a bang, with selections of very high quality films. Large judging base with true professionals so one can feel their project can get a true assessment. Honored to have a film selected. I think this film festival has a very bright future that will attract the very serious filmmakers.

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for you kind words dear Michael. We stand with all the talented filmmakers and independent cinema. We want the best for all filmmakers and we want to create the best festival for them.