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Monologues From A Homosexual Hazard: An Episodic Play

"Monologues From A Homosexual Hazard: An Episodic Play" is a one act play full of monologues as well as group scenes with six Gay men from all walks of life talking about their experiences of not only being Gay but also about love, self acceptance, pain, heartbreak, family rejection, tv representation of Gays, body confidence, domestic violence-which is a high rate among LGBTQ couples, suicide awareness and more.

As a Gay man myself, I didn't want this play to preach about accepting us as Gay people, I wanted to write this play in a way that tells society, "We're Gay, we're here but we face problems just like you".

  • Edwin Betancourt
  • Project Type:
    Stage Play
  • Genres:
    Drama, Comedy, LGBTQ, LGBT, Supsense
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
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Writer Biography - Edwin Betancourt

Edwin Betancourt is a published author, poet and playwright hailing from the Bronx, NY. When he isn't creating new worlds for readers to be immersed in, he can be found sightseeing in the city, going to museums or singing karaoke.

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