Mon Kache Asa

  • Sahadat Hossain Mahim
  • Sahadat Hossain Mahim
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    2 minutes 26 seconds
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Artist Biography

Sahadat Hossain Mahim is an Bangladeshi Musical Artist. He was born in 26th Januarry 2004 in Chittagong. He studied at Shah Waliullah Institute (2015-2019). His father name is Mozzamal Hossain Monzu and mother name is Mahammuda Akter Munni. He compose popular songs called “Turu Love”, “Rainyphobia”, “Choose Your Graphy Song”. At the age of 16th, He also composed a song called ‘Mon kache Asa’ Which is one of the most popular song in his music carrier. He is not only an Artist but also a Part time youtuber. He have two youtube channel. He upload Roasting, Funny videos, Cinematography ect on "The Duffer Humble" channel and he upload storytelling vlogs in ‘Sahadat Hossain Mahim’ Youtube channel.

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Artist Statement

ahadat Hossain Mahim is an Bangladeshi Musical Artist