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We are a Film Festival with a keen eye over the quality of images, dialogues and structure, regardless of genre, and the only one to hold the Awards Ceremony on a cruising ship.

MOFF Awards 2024

The “Golden Cam” Award goes to
“sister” - Best Short

The “Cam” Awards goes to

“The Betrothal Ceremony” - Best Comedy
“Raising Spirits” - Best Documentary, Best Documentary Cinematography, Best Original Score for Documentary
“Eva. Connected Trough Time” - Best Animation, Best Animation Cinematography
“Sinbaram” - Best Music Video
“Arricciare il naso” - Jury Award Audience Award
“shadows” - Women’s Best
“Memories” - Director’s Choice
“Monday Mourning” - Best Student Short
“Things Go Boom” - Indie Spirit Award
“The Visitor” - Green Award
Dylan Tyncherov - Best Director Short “Banality of Evil”
Ria Ruthsatz & Chadwell Ruthsatz - Best Directors Documentary “Rising Spirits”
Sergio Herencias - Best Director Animation “The Tale Of The Little Potato”
Suzanne Webcke - Best Lead Actress “Broken”
Jordan Mullins - Best Lead Actor “Life After”
Hayley O’Connor - Best Supporting Actress “Why Dogs Howl”
Alejandro Reyes Jaime - Best Supporting Actor “el color de la habitación”
Darcy Jacobs - Best Young Actress “Angel Fleet”
Scott Mair - Best Young Actor “Broken”
Gary Teitelbaum - Best Monologue “Why Dogs Howl”
“Blood is Thicker” - Best Screenplay Short
“Orpheus Star” - Best Soundtrack
“love bubbles” - BestOriginal Score Animation
“Surrender” - Best Short Cinematography
“Broken” - Best Cast Ensemble
“Angel Fleet” - Best Editing Short
“The Fingerboarder” - Best Editing Short
“Time Is Not” - Tech Award
“Summerville” - Special FX Award


The Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland) is a live event with public screenings, although small but quality Swiss film festival founded in Autumn 2018 and supervised by our visionary director.

Our festival aims to combine the increasing sensibilities for the audiovisual and multimedia contents realized on site to the fruition of analogous realities produced in the rest of the world and to promote a cinematographic culture of exchange and sharing. The festival is also proposed as a platform for debate and study for the countless unknowns related to a real awareness of the use of the cinematographic medium that needs to practice their precise rules as well as knowing how to ignore them.

The 5th edition of the "Momòhill Film Fair" continues to be held in Brusino Arsizio @ the multipurpose room of this pleasant common on the shores of Lake Ceresio.

The usual categorie awards
and specials like:
Audience Award
Women's Best Award
Director's Choice Award
Indie Spirit Award
Green Award
Jury Award

1. Registration must be complete with registration fees and a duly completed form in all the parts requested. Productions in Italian and English don't need to be subtitled (English productions with captions included or delivered with a script will be covered by our in house free Italian subtitles service). All other language productions must be subtitled in English at the time of entry.

2. To be selected, works must be at least 1080p and viewable on a online "streaming" video platform with relative password.

3. If the link is inactive, the registration will be null and void.

4. Productions completed for no more than 3 years are open for registration.

5. Each work can be forwarded to "Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland)" once and can not be re-submitted.

6. Works already released and public screened in Theaters or TV channels do not have the right to register. Movies available on the internet but not yet distributed will be taken into consideration.

7. Screened films on invitation for private previews (for cast, crew, donors) are eligible.

8. "Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland)" reserves all rights and at its discretion to refuse or disqualify any registration, without reimbursement of the shares.

9. Only completed works will be evaluated. Each registration will be evaluated as completed and it will not be possible to forward updated versions.

10. Once the registration fee has been obtained, no refund will be possible, even in the case of a withdrawal of the film from the competition.

11. It is the responsibility of the registered candidates to be in possession of all the rights and permissions to publish their work. No written declaration is required. The legal services of the festival will not perform any research in this area. With the submission to the competition, it is automatically confirmed that the candidate has complied with the acquisition of all the necessary rights.

12. "Momòhill Film Fair (Switzerland)" is authorized to use extracts of works sent for promotional purposes and reserves the right to screen the films received also in retrospectives and promotions for the dissemination of cinematographic art within the festival.

Overall Rating
  • It is an honor for me to accept the AWARD --- BEST ORIGINAL SCORE ANIMATION for Love Bubbles. It's great that there are still such small, simply organized festivals. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much!

    June 2024
  • Jamie Sage Cotton

    Fun festival to be a part of.

    May 2024
  • Meg Jenkins Locke

    We were thrilled to be accepted into Momohill Film Fair.
    My only regret was we would not attend due to the happy, happy occasion of the birth of my first grandson!!!
    A huge thank you for awarding Sister as Best Short Film 2024. We are so humbled and grateful for this acknowledgment!!!
    Shane Andries, our Director, worked magic with our cast and crew. So grateful for the performances by Billy Magnussen and Jayne Brooke. Blessed!!! Again, thank you to Momohill for this award and your many kindnesses through communication. I recommend this Film Fair wholeheartedly and encourage all to support and attend.

    April 2024
  • As the only Persian-language filmmaker and the winner of the best women's short film, I am very grateful to your festival

    April 2024
  • I was truly honoured to receive the award «best screenplay animation» for my short film LOVELY RITA. Thank you Momohill Film Fair for that and wish you all the best for your future events.

    May 2023