I say this I'd empty
He finds it too full
He's catch-and-release then catch-again
I'm more push-and-pull
We're a magnet, with the same two sides
We're gravity, caught in a tide
And I could really use a time machine to go back home

He says I'm too critical
But I just want him to try
Just the slightest hint of what I need
And he starts to cry
Well maybe we're different
Or maybe too much the same
All I know is I want the best of him
So I stay in the game
And she wouldn't necessarily know what to do
But she'd see what's true

Well I yelled and he's gone
Oh I let myself down
And I really need you to tell me what to do
I want my mom.

How to make peace
How to find peace
How to keep peace
Tell me how to find you
How to find him
How to find me
Life is cold without you
I feel such a fool
I'm the middle if the night I wake up...

I use words, I use tears
But no-one seems to hear
And I really need you to tell me what to do...

  • Serafin LARIVIERE
  • Serafin LARIVIERE
    Name of Band or Artist
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  • Length:
    4 minutes 3 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 18, 2021
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Artist Biography

With a 5-octave vocal range that runs the gamult from tender to tempest, Serafin LaRiviere has cultivated a cross-genre
audience that embraces Jazz, Torch, Adult-Contemporary and even Classical music.
Serafin’s first album, 2am At The Torch Café, peaked at Number 7 on Canadian college radio Jazz charts, with over 3000
downloads through Internet music sites like iTunes. A BravoFact documentary was filmed to coincide with the release of
Torch Café, and aired frequently on Bravo during a two year period.
A second album called Nothing Goes Quietly premiered at Number 9 on the same charts, reaching Number 1 within a
week on CHUO radio in Ottawa.His third album, Love’s Worst Crime, featured Serafin’s largest contribution of original
material yet, penning seven of the album’s 11 songs.
Additionally, Serafin’s cover of the Barry Mann classic “I’m Gonna Be Strong” (from Nothing Goes Quietly) was added to
a Readers Digest International compilation CD with also features artists like Glenn Campbell, Bonnie Tyler and Captain
and Tenille.

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Artist Statement

Serafin’s second single, “Mom”
From Serafin: "We've all lost so much this past year of pandemic and lockdowns and isolation. I lost the
woman who had been a mother to me since I was a homeless teenager. I miss her everyday. I miss her
smile, her wisdom. I miss being able to bombard her with questions about raising my own son. This song
is for her, and a tribute to her inspiration in my life. For all our mothers... may we be inspired to treasure them always."

Mom is the second release from Unravel, the 2021 album from Serafin LaRiviere