Short films made by filmmakers with living experience of mental health recovery in honour of World Schizophrenia Awareness Day.

Mojo 2020 theme - Life Interrupted.


- made by people with lived experience of mental health recovery
- under 3 mins
- on theme 'life interrupted'
- non fiction/creative non fiction
- no triggering images (audiences have PTS)
- clear audio
- landscape mode

Gala online screening event Sunday 24 May 2020.

Mojo Film Festival is a project by Schizy Inc. a collective of creatives with lived experience of diverse mental health recovery based in Melbourne, Australia with a global network.

Our arts events generate positive messages of lived experience, countering the over-representation of stigma in mainstream media culture. Your voice is needed.

Get your film about lived experience screened to an international audience.

Be part of 21st century international lived experience pride culture.

Want to submit a film to MOJO 2020? There are a few guidelines;

- filmmakers must acknowledge lived experience of mental health in your entry

- films around 3 mins or shorter

- theme is 'Life interrupted'

- no triggering themes portrayed


- can be shot on phone, landscape mode
- HD (high/best quality video: 24fps)
- steady/tripod
- Close Captioned prefered (created on Youtube by hand)
- clear, well recorded audio
- script to the theme but you can be creative
- audio and visual in your film is original, owned/created by you
- music with consent from Copyright Owner
- production size not necessary. Story is king/queen.
- any people you film (other than yourself) must give you consent in writing (it’s the law)

- Go to Mojo via website for further info:

Mojo Film Festival celebrates the stories of lived experience pride through short film.

*If your entry to Mojo doesn't acknowledge personal lived experience, it won't be considered for the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Heather Knott

    Thank you for accepting my film "Ouroboros". It was absolutely wonderful to be a part of a festival devoted to illustrating all facets of mental health. It really was a joy to work with you!

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for sharing your film Ouroboros with Mojo Film Festival. Looking forward to seeing more work from your lived experience perspective.