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Mocha Island

A local Mapuche female police officer must face social prejudices and supernatural forces as she investigates a murder on a remote and sacred island.

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    Television Script
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    Supernatural, Mystery, Police, Racism
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    United States
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Writer Biography

At the age of 12, Eduardo was sneaked in by his older brother to watch an R-rated Film: "Apocalypse Now." He instantly became hooked on movies. Born in Chile, Eduardo grew up with the ease and friendly manner of a rural kid. His imagination grew wild - untamed. Thus, coupled with his natural curiosity and free spirit – his love for storytelling was born. Eduardo uses his life experiences as a bi-lingual immigrant as inspiration for his writings. He writes stories that are considered footnotes in history books and explores points-of-view all too often ignored. His words are filled with fierce, enigmatic, sharp, and independent characters deeply rooted in their own narrative. Eduardo teaches screenwriting for TV and Film at CSUDH.

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Writer Statement

Isla Mocha is a social and environmental drama. It tells the story of Jeanina Leilani, a Chilean police captain that must navigate politics and intrigue when the Island she oversees is plagued by corruption, contamination of the fishing waters, and supernatural incidents. The timing of this exciting TV show is perfect. Currently, the world is facing its most daring test of survival in the form of a self-made ecological disaster. Isla Mocha shows the potential consequences of such an unprecedented catastrophe. Isla Mocha's story sets on an island. This drama represents our planet and our species isolated in the fabric of the universe—Isla Mocha is an allegory of this current environmental tragedy: if the Island disappears, everyone dies.