The Mobile Film Festival has been discovering and supporting young filmmakers for now 13 years, following one simple rule: 1Mobile, 1Minute, 1Film. The participation is entirely free and online. A selection of 50 films will be submitted to the audience vote online, as well as judged by a jury of professionals chaired by Patrice Leconte. The awards will be granted during an exceptional award ceremony held in Paris before an audience of 600 special guests.

All films submitted on FilmFreeway also have to be submitted for free on

- 2 x 17 000$ granted by BNP Paribas to produce a film in a year with a producer
- 2 x 4 000$ granted by the French Film Institute (CNC) for screenwriting residencies.
- High visibility on the Internet (11 000 000 views in 1 month in 2017)

The ‘Mobile Film Festival’ (hereinafter ‘the Festival’) is organised by the company MobilEvent (hereinafter the ‘Organiser’), registered with the Trade and Commerce Register for Paris under number B 484 171 525, with its registered office at 4, impasse Truillot, Paris (75011), France and represented by its Director Mr Bruno SMADJA.

The thirteenth Mobile Film Festival will take place in France between 10 November 2017 and 13 March 2018. Registration for the Mobile Film Festival is open from 00.00 on 10 November 2017 to 23.59 on 9 January 2018 (mainland France times and dates) via the Organiser’s website Directors who submit their film on are invited to submit their film on as well.

3.1 Registration for the Festival implies unreserved express acceptance of these terms and conditions and all their provisions.
3.2 The Entrant must be a natural person of legal age.
3.3 The Entrant must create a video (hereinafter the ‘Video’) lasting no more than 1 (one) minute, which must be filmed using a mobile. Videos can be edited on the telephone or otherwise. Unedited videos are also accepted. Sound may be recorded using external recording devices and visual effects may be added during post-production.
The Video produced by the Entrant must be an individual creation. It must have been directed by the Entrant him/herself.
The Entrant is asked to follow the following guidance when making the video:
Formats MP4 (H264), MOV, WMV, AVI
Resolution 16/9: 1280×720 pixels per line or 1920×1080 pixels per line
3.4 The Entrant must complete and submit to the Festival the online registration form available on the Organiser’s website within the period set out in clause 1 of these terms and conditions. All fields of the registration form highlighted as mandatory by ‘*’ must be completed for the registration to be accepted. The Entrant must also upload 2 (two) photos – one to represent their video on the Organiser’s website, the other to represent the Entrant and/or their team. The Entrant must finally upload their Video to the area set aside for this purpose to complete registration. The Entrant can always send one or more Video(s) by completing a new registration form. Each Video will be regarded as one entry. Any Entrant having sent a Video to the Organiser and who is not the creator will have their entry declared null and void. In order to validate their entry the Entrant will need to provide subtitles in the language of the film submitted via the Dotsub service, to which they will be directed via the confirmation emails received following registration with the Festival. Any ‘talking’ film not subtitled by the Entrant cannot be validated and, as a result, cannot be considered for selection. On actual receipt of the Video the Organiser will send the Entrant an email confirming receipt of their Video and validating their registration for preselection. Following validation by the Organiser of the Entrant’s registration with the Festival, their Video(s) will be posted online by the Organiser and will be accessible on its website As of this moment Entrants will be unable to request their removal or modification. Entrants give consent to the Organiser to make any checks regarding their identity and details. Any defective registration (incomplete, incorrect, etc.), violating public policy or moral standards, or validated after the Festival’s deadline, will not be considered, and any incorrect or incomplete identity or details will lead to the immediate elimination of the Entrant. Any entry in breach of this clause will be regarded as null and void. More specifically, any fraud, or attempted fraud, where its commission is shown to have commenced and it is committed with the intention of unfairly receiving an award, a breach of these terms and conditions, or any malicious intention to disrupt the running of the Festival may lead to the person responsible being disqualified, with the Organiser reserving the right to bring legal proceedings against them.

4.1. Official selection by the Organiser
The Organiser will initially make an official selection (hereinafter ‘the Official Selection’) of around 50 Videos from all the Videos submitted by Entrants and validated by the Organiser. This Official Selection will then be posted to the Organiser’s website as well as to Facebook, YouTube and all video platforms dedicated in particular to the Mobile Film Festival, or any other website dedicated in particular to the Mobile Film Festival.
4.2. Votes by online visitors
From 30 January 2018 to 27 February 2018 inclusive, online visitors will be able to vote for the Video(s) of their choice from the Official Selection made by the Organiser.
Votes can be cast on the Organiser’s website, with voters having to sign up to the Organiser’s Facebook application beforehand for their vote to count, subject to a maximum of 10 (ten) votes per day and per user profile;
At the end of the period set out above, the Video with the most votes will be declared the winner and the Entrant having posted it online will be awarded the ‘Audience Award’.
The number of hits for Videos and the number of comments posted regarding them will in no way influence the counting of votes. The winner of the Audience Award will be announced during the ‘Mobile Film Festival’ ceremony on 13 March 2018.
4.3. Jury selection
In tandem with the selection of the video awarded the ‘Audience Award’ as set out in clause 4.2, between 30 January 2018 and 27 February 2018 the jury will identify a number of winners from the Official Selection made by the Organiser.
The jury will be made up of professionals from the world of cinema and the visual arts.
These winners will be presented with the following awards (hereinafter referred to collectively as ‘the Jury Awards’):

Grand Prize France
Grand Prize International
Award for best actor
Award for best actress
Screenplay Award
Best Director Award
The various Jury Awards are based on the Jury’s own evaluation and in no way entitle winners or Entrants to any form of objection or claim.
The winners of the Jury Awards will be announced during the ‘Mobile Film Festival’ ceremony in March 2018.

5.1 The Entrants assign to the Organiser, at no charge and for a period of 3 (three) years from their registration with the Festival in accordance with clause 3 above, the non-exclusive worldwide right to publish their surnames, first names, town and area of residence, their photograph (hereinafter ‘the Entrant’s Image’) on any media and by any identified/unidentified method on this day (in particular social networks, internet and intranet sites, press and television) as part of the Festival, without any restriction on the number of reproductions and/or broadcasts of the Entrant’s Image.
The Entrant warrants the Organiser that it is not bound by contract with regard to the use and/or exploitation of its image. As a result it holds the Organiser harmless from any remedy and/or action that may be sought by natural persons or legal entities claiming any rights to use/exploit its image and who would be likely to object to its reproduction and/or broadcast.
5.2 The Entrants also assign at no charge the non-exclusive right to the Organiser to reproduce and represent, have reproduced and represented, and broadcast and have broadcast their Videos, in their entirety or as extracts, associated or not with other audiovisual programmes, for institutional, promotional or commercial purposes, for the whole world and for a duration of 3 (three) years as of their registration with the Festival:
on the Organiser’s website ( in its online and mobile versions,
on its Facebook and YouTube pages dedicated in particular to the Mobile Film Festival and any other video platform,
on any internet, mobile and tablet site of the Mobile Film Festival event’s media partners,
as well as any other website chosen by the Organiser to promote the Mobile Film Festival.
In general terms this provides the Organiser with the free, non/exclusive right, within the stated territorial limits and period, to reproduce, represent, use, exploit, circulate, broadcast and/or communicate to the public or a sector of the public, for free and/or by payment, in the commercial and non-commercial sector, for promotional and/or advertising purposes, directly or via a third party of its choice alone and duly qualified for this purpose, the originals, dubbings and/or copies of the Videos in any format (in their entirety, extracts, stills, screen captures, soundtrack) in all languages, dubbed and/or subtitled to all fixed and/or mobile recipients (in particular mobile phone, iPad, PDA, monitor) and by any means identified or unidentified on this date and, in particular by broadcasting (in particular terrestrial, analogue, digital, cable, satellite, ADSL, catch up, preview, pay-per-view, streaming, IPTV, connected TV, SMAD, etc.) in cinemas, on/demand video (VOD, AVOD, FVOD, SVOD, DTO, EST, etc.) and/or individual or other on/demand online digital transmission by any cable or non-cable (in particular internet) electronic communication method) with the aim of temporary and/or definitive viewing/downloading by sale, renting/hiring aimed at private use by the public in the form of commercial videos in the form of public showings, ‘making-of’, bonus, extracts (in particular aimed at reception areas), in the form of trailers including on cultural, institutional and educational networks, the network of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and closed circuits (aircraft, vessels, hotels, prisons, etc.).
In view of the above, each Entrant expressly states having acknowledged and accepted that his/her Video(s), within the framework of exploitation set out in this clause 5, may be combined with one or more videos by other Entrants without condition or reserve.
In order to broadcast as set out above, the Organiser may reproduce the Videos by using extracts and adapting them exclusively for reasons of ergonomic, technical and graphical restraints of the receiving terminals and means of transmission.
As the aforementioned assignments are non-exclusive the Entrants undertake not to assign these rights exclusively to third parties for the duration and territory stated above.

6.1. The Jury Awards:
The winners of the ‘Grand Prize France’ and "Grand Prize International" will win 15,000 each(fifteen thousand) euros to finance all or part of the production of their short film and will benefit from the support of a producer to complete their project.
This amount will be paid to the producer once the finance plan for the short film is in place and no later than seven days before filming commences.
The winner acknowledges that this amount is allocated for the sole purpose of financing a short film. As a result if, for whatever reason, the short film is not finished and ready for broadcasting on the aforementioned date, the amount will be forfeited by the winner of the ‘Grand Prize France’ and by the producer and returned to the Organiser where it will be once again awarded during the next Mobile Film Festival.
The winner of the ‘Grand Prize International’ will go to the director of a Video entered in the Festival residing outside of France.
The ‘Best Screenplay Award’ and "Best Director Award" recognise the directors of two of the Videos entered in the Festival. The winners will win a writing grant of 3,000 (three-thousand) euros each sponsored by the Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC). They must select, in agreement with the CNC, from the programme of writing residencies financed by the CNC.
6.2. ‘Audience Award’:
The ‘Audience Award’ is awarded to the director of the Video selected by online viewers as part of the Festival as provided for by clause 4.2 of these terms and conditions.
6.3. General terms:
The winners will be notified promptly by email to the email address provided in the registration form within 15 days of 13 March 2018 and will have 3 (three) days to confirm acceptance of their award.

The organiser reserves the right to curtail, extend, amend or cancel the Festival if circumstances so require or in the event of force majeure. It may not be held liable as a result of this. Addenda to these terms and conditions may be published throughout the Festival. They will be regarded as appendices to these terms and conditions accepted by the Entrant on registering.

All information provided by the Entrant when registering for the Festival is intended for the Organiser. Subject to the provisions of clause 5 and unless otherwise expressly requested by the Entrants, the Organiser will be the sole recipient of personal data provided by the Entrants in the Festival registration form unless the Entrant has agreed to receive offers and information from the Organiser’s commercial partners. The details of the Entrants and winners will be processed in accordance with the provisions of French law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 regarding information technology, files and freedoms.
They will enjoy a right to access and amend data regarding them by writing to the email address (

These terms and conditions are subject to French Law.
In the event of problems with interpreting the terms and conditions or in the event of a dispute, sole jurisdiction will lie with the French courts of Paris.

Full rules & terms are available on

Overall Rating
  • Francesco Faralli

    It's a really nice festival, which put a lot of efforts in communication about every selected short. It gives a good amount of visibility and the screening in a big cinema of Paris was really spectacular.

    March 2018