MoPho Film Festival is an online, international competition. Prizes will be awarded and winners will be featured online. Creativity and experimentation is encouraged. Categories are a blend of traditional major motion picture categories and those specific to the use of mobile technology in production. This provides filmmakers a broad range of opportunities and challenges from traditionally crafting a short story and pushing the technical boundaries of mobile devices.

Films are evaluated by Jury members within the context of the category through the filter of generally accepted filmmaking quality criteria (ie.: production quality, aesthetic quality, special effects, etc.). Again, creativity and experimentation is encouraged. Be a MoPho Filmmaker!

Best in Category - Cash Award and Commemorative for each of the nine categories.

Best in Festival - Cash Award and Commemorative

All entries receive a festival t-shirt.

All footage/video/images… must be shot on a cell phone, mobile phone or other mobile device such as a tablet or Go-Pro camera. Production equipment including lights, cranes, dollies, etc. are allowed.

The use of multiple mobile devices is permitted. Mobile filmmaking is a growing industry and customized equipment is readily available online and in many stores. Filmmakers may post produce projects on a computer or workstation. There is however, a special submission category for those films shot and edited — in their entirety — on a mobile device.

Please limit your submissions to no more than five (5) films per person and/or collaborative team. Organizations or schools entering one mobile film short per student (for example film or video classes), please email for submission assistance.

The total run-time should be a minimum of :60 seconds not to exceed 5:00 minutes in length. The total tun-time includes credits.

Submissions may be ‘post-produced’ on a mobile device or computer. If editing the film on a computer or workstation, please use video editing software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, Splice, etc. (these are only examples). There is a special category for those productions edited on a mobile device. If editing the film on a mobile device, the use of “auto-editing” applications is not permitted.

Films must be shot/captured, edited and submitted in HD quality with suitable audio. Post-production audio looping is permitted.

Only original music, images, photos and/or graphics may be submitted. Please ensure all content is original. Copyright infringement (even if accidental) will result in disqualification. Only showcase a single-filmmaker’s original talent or the original talent of listed collaborative team members!

One film festival t-shirt will be shipped the self-identified contact person (based on FilmFreeway submission information) following notification of category winners March 15, 2016. Additional t-shirts may be ordered through the website.

Films with audio recorded in a language other than English are asked to provide English sub-titles for the convenience of Jury members. International entries are encouraged!

By submitting a film and entering a film, individuals and collaborative groups are granting the right to post the film on the MoPho Film Festival Website, You-Tube and/or Vimeo.

Contestants also attest to the fact that all of the content included in the submitted film project is original material — the rights to which remain with the filmmaker.

Submissions open August 15, 2015, 12:01AM (CST) and close January 15, 2016, 11:59 PM (CST). All submission must be made through

High resolution files of the MoPho Film Festival Crest for use in marketing and packaging of awarded films are available upon request.

MoPho Film Festival categories and guidelines attempt to balance the basic craft of visual story telling and the technical skill of filmmaking. Good luck to every contestant! We are glad you are choosing to be a real MoPho filmmaker.