Mithra is an ancient god, so his name is related to narration and fiction. An ancient depiction on a cliff, next to Xanthi/GR, builds a documentation about him. So, MITHRA’S FILM FEST, is a documentary and narration festival, using the no material means of cinema:

«MITHRA’S FILM FEST», Xanthi Film Festival for Monuments, is screening:
- SHORT and LONG FILMS (documentaries, narrations) about
- the protection (conservation, restoration, strengthening) and
- highlighting (re-use, new-use) of
- MONUMENTS (buildings, bridges, machines e.c.) and
- historical and archaeological places (old areas of cities, old industrial areas, excavations e.c.).

Films that do not meet these subjects will be rated as disqualified.

«MITHRA’S FILM FEST» has been born in 2016, organized by the Service for Newer Monuments and Technical Projects of East Makedonia and Thrace (YNMTEAMTH)/ Ministry of Culture AND Athletics / Greece. Its target is to show the issue of protection and highlighting of the history of morphology (form, esthetic), technology, society, economy and politics, as it appears in material constructions.

The Festival includes screenings, discussions and exhibitions.

A jury will select the films that will be screened. In addition, the audience will rate the films they like the most. The film directors whose films will be screened will receive an official selection certificate for their films.

«MITHRA’S FILM FEST» is seeking films and videos that are about the protection and highlighting of monuments and historical / archaeological sites. The entries may be narrative, documentary, experimental and animated films and videos (both features and shorts).
The deadline for submissions is April 30th 2016, but apply as soon as possible.
Complete the online entry form through the platform FILMFREEWAY.COM.
You can provide films in any language.
After your film is selected, you have to send (online or by post, in digital form):

1) a film version without any subtitles in HD (.mov, mp4, .vob, …)
3) the time coded English dialogues (.srt),
4) the signed application form we are sending you,
5) a Poster in HD, 2 Stills (300pdi), a very short summary in English (not more than 30 words) , a very short CV of the film director in English.

After you have done so, your film appear in the festival schedule.
The information given in this form will be reproduced in the Festival's program.
Specify only ONE CATEGORY for your film to be in.
Once a film is submitted, it may not be withdrawn.
Please note that the Festival does NOT pay any screening fee for films selected by submission.
All films will be screened with Greek subtitles. The festival will do the translation in Greek.
All rights for the film should be cleared prior to submission. Films or videos using non-licensed, copyrighted musical or literary properties without legal permission are not eligible.
Shipment of exhibition materials to the festival must be paid by the applicant. The festival accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of entries during shipment to the festival.
Screening formats accepted: DVD and vob, .mp4, .mov, .mpg high quality Video Files.
The Festival holds the right to use stills and up to 3 minutes of footage for promotional purposes (TV and/ or internet).
The Rights Holder gives permission to make DVD copies of the work for press purposes.

I permit «MITHRA’S FILM FEST» to retain a copy of this work for a non-circulating Festival archive. I give «MITHRA’S FILM FEST» the permission to use up to 3 minutes of footage or photographic stills from the work for broadcast, web publication or other promotional purposes. «MITHRA’S FILM FEST» must be notified in writing of any press or photo restrictions. I give «MITHRA’S FILM FEST» permission to make copies of the work for press purposes. «MITHRA’S FILM FEST» must be notified in writing of any press restrictions. If the film has been submitted digitally, I agree to send the viewing copy to to «MITHRA’S FEST» as soon as the work has been accepted. I am legally authorized to enter this film in the «MITHRA’S FILM FEST» and agree that, if accepted, an acceptable exhibition format will be made available for screening during the Festival. I hold the Festival harmless from damage to or loss of the print or tape during shipping to and from the Festival. to «MITHRA’S FILM FEST» do not asks the film directors to pay fees for the application of their films, and also do not pay any fees to them. All differences will be solved in Greek Courts.
I certify that I have read, understood and complied with all the festival regulations and terms of submission. Date: …, Place: …, Signature: …, Name: …