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Miserable People

Two broke millennials share more than just their three-bedroom townhouse. A want for more, a lack of drive, and Paramount plus subscription keep Alex and Isaac searching for the elusive state of happiness. Their reality pales in comparison to their overactive imaginations that manifest onscreen. Through a revolving door of new roommates, wild experiences both real and otherwise, and a substantial use of non-medical marijuana the "heros" get closer to finding happiness.
Pursuit of happiness, sounds miserable.

  • Alex Jade Tennyson
  • Isaac Dean Quick
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    Television Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography - Alex Jade Tennyson, Isaac Dean Quick

After lamenting to each other about the mundane shit in our lives, using film and television as reference points, we realized we were Miserable People. Well, not really. We're quite nice actually. In our real-life struggle towards happiness, we found a way to bring the connection and belonging we desired to the show and ourselves.

Actual door dash orders of unnatural quantities and laughing fits with our parents intertwine our lives and the main characters, even though we've been to therapy since starting this project. We're not quite "YOUTUBE kids" but as committed, obsessed, millennial television addicts we're using our sometimes annoying references to communicate on a deeper level.

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