Misaki Asamie is a digital artist in Tokyo. She makes 3D animated stories from myths and legends.
The natural stone "Larimar" that is also called "Atlantis Stone" inspired her to make 3D animation "ATLANTIS 1".
She animated the legend of Atlantis — the affluent country that had the powerful armaments and high technology based on the culture of metal called Orichalcum and the stone.
She created a story about the climate change that accompanies technological progress, the belief in Poseidon (the god of sea and earthquake), and the happiness and sadness of the people that never change in the past and present.
A bird flying in this story is a blue bird called "blue magpie" that is seen in Iberian Peninsula and Japan. The birds have lived there for tens of thousands of years, and the fossil was discovered in the Iberian Peninsula.
She made the song of prayer in Atlantis that the main character Marissa sings from the melody of ancient times.
Keio University