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Mirrors with no images

Justifiable beating

Teenage sweethearts Monica and Craig have unconditional love, but when they get married, Monica sees the man Craig truly is.

Family abuse

Carl is a devoted family man who'll do anything for his family, except kick his drug habit.

A father's love

Teenage Tiffany is going through severe mental issues because she's been getting molested by her father Michael since she was a child. When she encounters Teenage Bernard who has anger issues from watching his mother getting abused by his father, the two become one trying to help the other solve their problem.


Mathew is determined to make his younger brother Timothy hate African-Americans. Kyle and Maria are an interracial couple happily in love, but their parents are doing their best to end the romance. Ricky believes African-Americans don't get fairly treated, so he thinks every race should be eliminated. Benny is a Chaldean fresh out of high school happy about the life his father provided for them, but when he encounters Ricky, it turns into a crucial race war.

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